GAME REVIEW: Pokemon Let’s Go – Eevee!

Hey everyone! This is something new for me but granted it’s all I have been playing I needed to at least write about it.

Pokemon Let’s Go: Eevee was the ENTIRE damn reason why I bought a Switch in the first place. I just got it in August early because I wanted one anyways. This game has been everything I wanted and more in a Pokemon game.

Read below to see my favorite parts about this game so far!

I’m going to give my basic opinion on the story: its pretty much like all the other games except your partner travels on your head. Which quite frankly is ADORABLE. There is of course Team Rocket annoying you at every corner whenever you progress in the story.

You can play with your partner Pokemon! The more you play with your Pokemon the better friends you are with them which can lead you to get rewards and little MATCHING OUTFITS!!!! 

Yup, you heard me right – YOU CAN MATCH YOUR OUTFITS! (I’m wearing the Eevee outfit in this photo below)

You can get a ton of outfits from the NPCs if you talk to them, like a safari and police outfit. If you have an Eevee you can get all the eeveeloution outfits for becoming best friends with your Eevee – I’m not sure what you get for Pikachu since that isn’t the one I have. 

Overall it’s a really fun game to play! I haven’t stopped playing it since I downloaded it. I find that some Gym leaders are harder to beat than I thought they would be – but that makes it way more fun because it means I can just go out and train harder.

The internet is your friend if you’re struggling with something in this game. It’s how I got my way through one of the gym’s and the Silph Co. building and it’s how I know what to use against specific people. 

Let me know down in the comments what you think of the games so far if you have them! 


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