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Hello everyone and welcome to another WhoReview! I realize that at this point I am an episode behind on my WhoReviews – eventually I will get caught up. Between the holiday, moving and packing, and just life in general I forget to write when I need to.

But finally, here we are. Kerblam was amazing and blew me out of the park – read on to find out more! 

Kerblam, to me, was a fun loving yet serious episode. It starts out in the TARDIS as episodes have tended to do this season and that something is going wrong with the flight. 

The Doctor then gets a package from the Kerblam man, basically an intergalactic UPS. The back of the card cryptically reads ‘HELP ME’ on the back of it and the team race off to try and find out who is trying to send the signal for help.

People then just start to go missing at the hand of the delivery bots – which everyone seems to think is a load of crap because you can’t get to where the delivery bots are unless you’re a package and humans (organics in the episode) aren’t allowed on the belts for obvious reasons.

That’s why the Doctor ends up getting so fed up with everybody around her – they’re not seeing that it is the delivery bots and there has to be something BIG going on. So they go undercover to try and figure out what is wrong. 

Long story short, the underdog is ALWAYS the source of everyone’s problems. The janitor is the one behind everything and he only reveals himself cause he fucked up and killed the girl he had a crush on. That’s what you get for being evil in my opinion. 

And the person who was sending a cry for help – not an employee – the SYSTEM. Yup, the technology sent out a cry for help to the Doctor because it knew that it was being internally attacked by this genius janitor. 

I promise these will get better. I will get better at getting these out right after I watch the episode and not 3 days later so I can remember more about it. 

But trust me when I say it was good! And that the Doctor bouncing around the TARDIS after getting her package was adorable and like me when I wait for a package. 

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