BLOGMAS: My Sims 4 Stuff Pack Ratings

Hello and welcome to day 5! The first day in a few days where I haven’t had to look something up to do it! Although…


Hello and welcome to day 5! The first day in a few days where I haven’t had to look something up to do it! Although this post was inspired by this Youtube video here, I did think it would be a good idea to make a list of my ranking of Sims 4 Stuff Packs.

In the video she did all of the released packs, but to make content more interesting, I’m going to do Stuff Packs, Game Packs, Expansions, then the big one at the end. This way I have more content to post and maybe people will like them broken up better before they just get one massive list.

We gonna be going from the worst to the best – click below to read more!

14. Fitness Stuff

Honestly, thsis one doesn’t do anything for me. My Sims aren’t usually athletic and if I do have athletic stuff in my game then for some reasons my Sims literally just ignore it.

13. Bowling Stuff

Once more, no point for me. While it is fun and the clothing is nice, my Sims don’t bowl nor do they get invited to go bowling.

12. My First Pet Stuff

This one is just ok for me, but I don’t find myself ever using it because the pets are useless. Why add First Pet stuff if you have  Cats and Dogs – literally the most requested pack ever. Why not make it add horses or something like Pets from Sims 3?

11. Perfect Patio Stuff

Its fun because it gives you some more outside stuff and furniture but other than that – not much. The furniture is cute but I often end up putting it inside on accident and it just looks weird.

10. Romantic Garden Stuff

The clothes are nice, the hairs are nice. But thats about it. We get some new interactions but since I start most of my games with my Sims already being married I don’t find myself using most of this.

9. Luxury Party Stuff

I’m in this one for the hairs and the dresses. Some new build items came with it and one of my favorite wallpapers, but thats about it. The hairs and dresses though are what puts this higher on the list for me.

8. Spooky Stuff

The stuff that it came with is adorable but I don’t find myself using it as much. I use it a little more now with Seasons and when it gets to be fall I put out the spooky stuffs but other than that, not really. Like I said, seasons makes me use it a little more.

7. Kids Room Stuff

Honestly, this one could be better. We do get a BUNCH of new things for kids rooms and some new items for them but it could be better designs for beds and such. Also the freakin monsters under the bed are the most annoying thing on the planet.

6. Movie Night Stuff

While this pack also comes with some nice CAS items and Build Items, literally don’t ever put the damn popcorn maker in your house because all your Sims will eat is popcorn. Even with level 10 cooking skill. I shit you not.

5. Luxury Party Stuff

Once more, this is just kind of high up on my list because the CAS that came with it I find using a lot. There is select Buy Mode items that I will use but I don’t find myself going towards them AS MUCH.

4. Cool Kitchen Stuff

This is just on the list this high because in build mode it makes things exciting. There’s also some cute hair but when I build I find myself reaching towards the stuff from this pack the most.

3. Backyard Stuff

This one is so much fun to me because with the addition of Seasons, a lot of this can be used a lot more in tune to actual seasons. The slip and slide is definitley one of my favorite things to play with!

2. Laundry Day Stuff

What’s not to love about this? Its just so much fun and adds a little bit of realism to the game. One thing I do find difficult about it is that when you put clothes in the laundry they don’t just ‘start’ like they used to in other Sims games – you have to tell them to start the laundry. Sims aren’t smart enough to just start them on their own unfortunately.

1. Toddler Stuff

When Toddlers got added to the game everybody lost their damn minds because it was weird to go from infant to child. When we first got them they really couldn’t do a whole heck of a lot with them and what they had was limited. Then this came out and now there are so many more things for toddlers to do and use!

*Phew*, that’s finally done. I got them all and then it took me forever and a day to come up with little blurbs to explain my reasonings. Honestly, some of what I have might have contradicted what I have listed them as, but whatever.

I hope you enjoyed this! Play the game? Let me know if you agree with this or if you have a different list!

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