BLOGMAS: My Sims 4 Game Pack Ratings

Hello people! Back with yet another part of my Sims 4 ranking series for Blogmas! Yesterday I did Stuff Packs and today I am doing…


Hello people! Back with yet another part of my Sims 4 ranking series for Blogmas! Yesterday I did Stuff Packs and today I am doing Game Packs. There are a lot less of these than stuff packs so it will be a relatively shorter post.

Tomorrow I will be doing Expansion Packs and then on Saturday I’ll be wrapping it up with ranking every single pack (minus the base game) in one massive list.

6. Outdoor Retrea

I wouldn’t say I hate this pack, but literally I have no use for it. I don’t give a shit about sending my Sims out camping, they aren’t outdoorsy and why would I send them camping to do literally next to nothing when I can send them to the jungle?!

5. Dine Out

The idea of this is fun. But I find that whenever I actually go out to dinner with my Sims or own a restruant, my Sims just end up sitting around and literally not doing anything the pack was intended to do. Not as useless as Outdoor Retreat in my book, but very close. Owning the restruant is fun, but Sims aren’t smart enough to just… do things.

4. Spa Day

I like the new stuff we get and I love the new interactions and the idea of going to the spa. Do I use this a lot? Not really. To me there is nothing wrong with this pack, I just don’t find myself using it.

3. Jungle Adventure

I never really used World Adventure in the Sims 3, but this one is a hell of a lot of fun! I love the stuff that came with it as well but man I find myself getting myself way into the adventure itself. One time I actually killed off my Sims husband because he was being a dipshit on my adventure and literally not being useful at all.

2. Parenthood

Parenthood is just a little fun something to make children and toddlers more exciting. I hardly ever actually get to the teenage years with my Sims (because I’m easily distracted) but when it comes to children I find this pack the most useful because thats when you can really shape their lives.

1. Vampires

I love anything that is supernatural and weird. Vampires has got to be my all time favorite game pack. Granted I hard use it and barely make my own vampires (because getting them to stay inside is a literal nussance), I love having them in the game – it makes things fun!

There you have it! My game pack rating list! Note that some of the ones that require you to place the buildings yourself may be lower on the list because I just forget to place the buildings.

In Sims 3 they just placed pretty much on their own and reminded you that you needed to place them in order to use the packs fully. Maybe if Sims 4 gave me a reminder I would be okay and Spa Day and Dine Out would be slightly more useful. 

Outdoor Retreat though is completely useless to me. Hate it.

What are your thoughts if you play the game?

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