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Today was supposed to be my Sims 4 Expansion pack rating, but Marvel had other plans and done fucked me up this morning with the…


Today was supposed to be my Sims 4 Expansion pack rating, but Marvel had other plans and done fucked me up this morning with the Avengers trailer.

Before you move on, you gotta watch it here:

And now that you’ve seen that and have some thoughts, let’s all think together!

Nothing like some tears and pain to get you going in the morning, huh? I have a few things that I wanna go through and scream about, so let’s go in order – shall we?

Tony. How’s he just stranded there? I thought he was left with Drax and Quill? Or was I dreaming things at the end of the last movie? WHO’S GONNA SAVE TONY STARK?! 

He ends up using his last of his energy to say goodbye to Pepper which by the way – a while ago there was a fan theory that Pepper was expecting a baby and hadn’t told Tony yet, hence why she was really against him going into space and doing all his normal Iron Man-y stuff. 

We get to see a list of those who are missing – the noticeable ones being Shuri who’s fate we didn’t get to see, Scott Lang who’s stuck somewhere else (or so we believe), and a face that looks like Peter Parker, which by the way don’t even get me STARTED on Peter Parker.

Also, we see 0 of Thanos. The only thing in the whole trailer we get to see is his armour resting up on poles.

On another note Steve shaved – which saddens me because we all know how much the world loves Chris Evans with a beard. He also cries which kills my soul.

Natasha got a hair cut too – which we see when she delivers the ‘no shit Sherlock’ news that Thanos successfully wiped out half of the universe.

Thor kinda just sits around in mourning – not only did they lose the first fight, but Thor lost his entire home planet and his brother on the same day. Talk about greif-striken. And I believe that is literally the only time we see Thor at all. Oh, and Nebula is with them too just as sad.

Clint got a haircut too but when we’re distracted by OH MY GOD WHAT THE FUCK IS HE DOING??? Hawkeye has turned into Ronin – we’re assuming most likely stricken by greif as well. People are guessing his entire family probably got wiped out as well. At least he’s not technically a bad guy as he’s supposed to be fighitng with the rest of his friendos.

From there on out its mostly onimous stuff about the plan that we don’t get to know until April. Steve holds a compass with Peggy Carter’s picture in it, Natasha reaasures Steve their plan will work and Steve says it has to work or else they’re done for.

This is probably one of the first times in this entire series that we see Cap in a situation like this where they are at their end game (heh, see what I did there) and acknowledging that if their plan doesn’t work, they can’t do anything else.

After the logo, we get to feel a little light hearted when we see Scott Lang knocking at the front door of Avengers HQ – Steve doesn’t believe what he’s seeing and Natasha shows him up being like “you idiot its the front door let him in”

One thing I was severely saddened by was the lack of CAROL DANVERS, OUR LORD AND SAVIOR who is literally going to take Thanos down single-handedly at this point honestly. We know that at some point she will show up due to Fury at the end of the last one, but maybe they’re either just not gonna tell us when she is appearing or we’ll get it in another trailer after Captain Marvel comes out in March.

Either way, Marvel has once more destroyed my soul.

Also, not prepared for that Stan cameo. RIP.

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