Guess who finally caught up on Doctor Who?! Yup, it’s me. At first I didn’t know if I should count these for Blogmas but honestly,…


Guess who finally caught up on Doctor Who?! Yup, it’s me. At first I didn’t know if I should count these for Blogmas but honestly, at this point, every post counts so here we are. 

I watched all of the ones I was behind on in a row last night and this one was the one I put on while I was in the midst of cooking dinner, so if this review in particular is short…. sorry about it. 

Anything that has to do with witches and hunting is bound to always end poorly in this show. But what I didn’t expect was it to take the turn that it did. 

I totally expected the bad guy of the episode to be King James. I was like…. this dude is behind literally everything. Shit man was I wrong. 

A lot of what happens in this episode can be relayed back to every day life, and add to a new struggle that the Doctor has been facing: being a woman. At first when she introduces herself as the Witchfinder to the main woman in the show they’re all good and done, but when James comes in she’s faced with the reality that being a woman is god damn degrading.

And she’s as fed up with it as I am. The Doctor obviously damn near is the best person on the entirety of Team TARDIS and a man has reduced her to an assistant. We all know that she ends up saving the day but its not until after she gets accused of being a witch by the actual main villain. 

The Doctor discovers the reason why the dirt and mud are coming back to life is because the runner of the village. Because of her own stupidity and ego she released an underground army of aliens that inhabit the bodies of the living and the dead. The Doctor figures out her secret so she tries to get hr killed by claiming she’s a witch. 

I’ll admit, I got scared for a little bit. But when they brought back up the dunking thing and saw she escaped the chains I wasn’t worried anymore because she popped right up in front of me.

When things finally got settled I felt for the Doctor at the end. Just in terms of the sexist bullshit she had to put up with. Naturally as someone who hadn’t had to put up with it for 1000 some-odd years beforehand, it’s been quite an adjustment and honestly, I’m glad they put the sexist bullshit in to the show. 

It’s very similar to how the Internet reacted to her casting. Everybody (man) and their brother gave Jodie a whole bunch of shit when she got cast because ‘a 900 year old alien can not be female!!!’ and let me tell you that’s just some bullshit man.

Its obvious to me now as I write these reviews that a lot of the sexist stuff is not only to make it more realistic but a lot of it shadows and goes back to the backlash from angry fanboys when she got cast. 

This post took an entirely different turn than I expected, but I hope you enjoyed anyway! 

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