BLOGMAS: 5 Fandoms That Shaped Me

Coming up with today’s post was a pain in the ass – as I documented on Twitter. I have 3 posts in my drafts, Supernatural post and 2 WhoReviews. Supernatural isn’t coming until tomorrow or Sunday and I don’t want to overdo it on the WhoReviews since I finally just did one, so I had a bit of a problem coming up with something for today. Obviously, I thought of something.

Taken right from 5 Fandom Friday, I figured this would be a good idea to blog about! 5 Fandom Friday was started by Megan Elvrum a couple years ago where every Friday we listed 5 things geeky in a post (essentially). 

I never partook in it really, until today. There’s a lot of good prompts there and since I wanted to attempt to stay nerdy, I thought this would be perfect!

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