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THE ROAD SO FAR: Supernatural season 14 mid-season recap

Hold onto your butts everyone, because for once in my life, I’m bringing up a new fandom to review on this blog. To be fair I want to do it every episode like Doctor Who, but when I decided I wanted to do that I was already behind and the season already started. So when it comes back in January expect a weekly review for this one too. Or at least a review after I watch the episodes. 

You may not know this, but Supernatural is my show. Like, that one show that you have seen every episode of, will support until it ends, and can’t get sick of. It turns a lot of people away from wanting to get in to it because of its 14 seasons. I got lucky and got into it when there was 9 seasons finished, 10 going to premiere. 

Season 9 went on Netflix and 24 hours later I finished it and watched season 10 premiere on the CW. 

This season, there is a lot going on. Like, holy shit. If you’re actually trying to watch all 14 seasons in order without cheating, this post isn’t for you. If you’re behind a couple episodes, this post isn’t for you. So like, spoilers. 

Also, this is quite a long one. I am sorry. 

In order to get some of this, we have to slightly recap the finale of Season 13. Ready?

Sam, Dean, Cas and Gabriel go to apocolypse world to save Mary and Jack. Jack meets his daddy (Lucifer) and Lucifer puts on this good person facade. Everybody gets back to the real world except for Lucifer who Sam shoved back in saying he wasn’t good enough for Jack. Lucifer meets up with archangel Michael (he v bad) and they get back to the real world and Lucifer steals Jack’s grace, takes Sam with him because Sam was trying to save Jack, and Dean makes a deal with Michael to get back Jack and Sam from Lucifer. Lucifer is stabbed through the heart with the archangel blade and dies, Jack has no more angel juice, and Michael takes advantage of using Dean’s body as a vessel and disappears. 

And thats what you missed on the finale of Supernatural season 13! Now let’s go to the beginning of season 14. 

Michael is still in Dean’s body – and spoiler, he’s in it for only 3ish episodes before he flees. For now.

Michael is experimenting with monsters to make them all kind of one master monster. He’s taking them, experimenting on them, sometimes killing them in the process. Not just one monster is being taken, but vampires, werewolves, you name it, he’s taken it. He’s hoping to combine all their abilities to make monsters invincible essentially.

Which causes problems for Sam and Cas, who are the ones that are doing all the dirty work. Mainly Sam. 

Speaking of Sam, somewhere in between episodes one and three, he starts to sort of train all the fighters and people from the other world to be hunters, sort of setting it up like a business. And it works, really well. So the bunker has like, 20 people in it now instead of just the four of them. 

Jack, who is now powerless, is trying to cope with the fact that he can’t help because he has no powers. And that is sort of all he does for the first couple of episodes, until Bobby starts to train him to right and it does just as you would expect, horribly. In Jack’s defense, he never really had to fight to begin with because his powers just did it for him. Somehow though, he’s still incredibly adorable.

After a very bloody and hard battle, Sam finds Dean in the basement of the building they were fighting in, claiming it was him and that Michael fled his body. No one knows why and Dean can’t remember anything about what happened when he was Michael. 

…… which doesn’t surprise me at all. Nor should he be told it, but of course Dean being himself, he demands to know and then he wallows in self pity for an episode or two. But then he starts feeling kinda funny – his vision starts to get all blurry at random times and you can tell that something is up. This starts happening and we find out during the finale. 

But first we gotta talk some more about Jack. He’s a nephillim, half-angel and half-human. When Lucifer sucks his grace out of him in the season 13 finale (yeah, shit Dad right there) he goes to be entirely human and now has to learn human things. But in the meantime, our boy starts coughing up blood and you KNOW that isn’t good. Come to find out that his body is basically killing him because he’s unnatural without his grace. 

And he dies. Sad face. 

But of course Sam, Dean, and Castiel find a way to bring him back to life and that occurs after Castiel makes a deal with ‘The Empty’ aka the force that kills angels and demons. Also with the help of some magic user from like, season 9 or 10 or something. 

As usual, Team Freewill thinks they are at least one or two steps ahead of the enemy, in this case Michael, and they are wrong, as usual. They go and get a spear that would do harm to him and they find something else to beat him but discover that he’s one step ahead of them and everything in their plan goes to shit. 

And then this is where I discovered I was right. There was no way in hell that Michael would just up and leave Dean’s body for no reason. A Winchester as his vessel is something that doesn’t happen very often. And when Michael came back into Dean I SCREAMED. 

At first I thought wait a minute, he did just up and leave. But oh no – oh NOO. Michael left the door open just enough. I SCREECHED. 

And now there’s a war of monsters about to rain down on the city, Michael is back inside Dean gain I guess to never come out according to Michael. We’re left off with knowing that Michael just decided to rage a war on Kansas City and there are to many monsters and not nearly enough Hunters to face them. 

And that’s basically what happened so far on Supernatural. 

The next half season raises a lot of questions now. Are they gonna get rid of Michael for good now? How they gonna do that? Also – JOHN WINCHESTER IS IN THE 300TH EPISODE. 

This show never ceases to amaze me with what it can come up with and you can bet that I will be watching every episode I can. 

Until then!

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