Hello and we’re back with yes another WhoReview! After this there is only one more left in the series for me to review and talk…


Hello and we’re back with yes another WhoReview! After this there is only one more left in the series for me to review and talk about until New Years when the special premieres.

This one was intriguing because it challenged all of Team TARDIS in different ways. Not as much as the next episode, but still this episode was pretty damn good. 

Sorry this is late, I got a tad lazy with actually finishing it up. 

So first let’s establish – WE ARE IN THE PRESENT TIME, FOLKS. For this episode. For now. 

This episode was really not entirely mind-fucky, but it showed you how much people can be complete and utter DICKS. There’s a blind girl in this episode and she’s living in an abandoned fully-furnished cabin with her dad who suddenly just goes missing. 

Ryan makes an ass of himself and says that her dad left her cause that’s what his dad did and immediately she defends her father and despises Ryan.  Soon after that the girl tells Team TARDIS that there’s a monster in the woods that comes out every night and thats why the house is boarded up.

Graham finds a mirror in the bedroom that doesn’t give off a reflection and the Doctor looses her shit when she realizes its a portal. She, Yas and Graham go through making Ryan stay in the real world with the girl. 

The girl is clever and knocks Ryan out and goes through the portal, Ryan eventually waking up and finding her. 

Skipping through the traveling through the portal adventure and the flesh-eating moths (yup, you read that right), the gang comes out on the other side that is identical to theirs, finding the girls dad and her dead mom. 

Then Graham finds Grace, who died in the premiere episode. 

The dead in this episode are basically carbon copies, they have all their memories and what not, but it’s not really them. The Doctor figures out its the subconscious universe playing a trick on them and the portal opened because the real universe knew something was wrong and the fake universe is going to collapse on itself. 

Team TARDIS find a way out and the girls dad and Graham are able to eventually part ways with their fake dead spouses and return to the real world. 

The subconscious universe doesn’t let the Doctor go back immediately though. It keeps her there hoping to find out more information about….. well, everything. 

Eventually, it has to send her back and that’s basically it in terms of the actual episode. 

I did mention that it challenged the team in different ways. 

Ryan had to stay back with someone who despised him and come to terms that not every child’s life is as dramatic and terrible as his was. Graham had to come to terms that the woman he loved that was in front of him was not the woman he really loved. The Doctor had to leave a new friend for the fate of the universe. 

Yas was the only one who kinda just got to chill and what not. 

Well, that’s it for this one. I’ll talk to you soon for the finale! 

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