BLOGMAS WHOREVIEW: The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos

Hello and welcome to the finale of the 13th Doctor’s first season! I’m so excited that we’ve hit the end and that her first season…


Hello and welcome to the finale of the 13th Doctor’s first season! I’m so excited that we’ve hit the end and that her first season has been so great and well-received! 

Click below to read my thoughts on this episode and then get my overall thoughts of the entire season at the end!

The finale is a proper finale. Like, it’s got everything and is the epic conclusion that we deserve for the season. 

We see these two nomads with powers traveling their home planet and then a ball of electricity just lands there. 

Remember Tim Shaw from the season opener? He’s the one that’s the problem in this weeks episode. He’s fooled the nomads into thinking he’s a god and he’s making them do terrible things that set the universe out of alignment – like stealing planets, for example. 

Yeah, Tim Shaw finally became the god he wanted to be. Except he’s doing it wrongly and fooling the two nomads – who are the only two of their kind in existence. 

Naturally, the Doctor doesn’t like this very much and comes up with an extremely clever way to figure things out. But there are a few road blocks along the way, including the fact that the planet drains people’s memory essentially and that they have to save a bunch of people first. 

All because the person who’s ship they landed on had kidnapped a stolen planet. 

Graham though is the one you’re going to want to punch in the end. Of course he’s bursting with revenge for Tim Shaw cause he is the one that got Grace killed in the opener. At first he’s all dead set on killing him, even after the Doctor tells him that if he does kill Tim Shaw, he can’t travel with her anymore. 

But he realizes that he is essentially a chicken and finds a better way to trap him for eternity rather than killing him, making the Doctor extremely happy that he chose to do the right thing. 

So naturally in the end everything works out – which is exactly what the Doctor ordered. 

In terms of the whole season, I couldn’t have been happier. The only episode I could have done without was the spider episode because of my gigantic fear of the things. I felt like even though in this season we didn’t see our most loved monsters, it was a good thing. We got to meet new ones just as we met the Doctor and her new team of best friends. 

I better be seeing some Daleks next season though. And they better react to the new gender in a Dalek way or so help me

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