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Christmas is TOMORROW! I know it’s my favorite Holiday, and it will be explained why in tomorrow’s post. It’s also everyone else’s favorite holiday for…


Christmas is TOMORROW! I know it’s my favorite Holiday, and it will be explained why in tomorrow’s post. It’s also everyone else’s favorite holiday for a number of other reasons like traditions.

Some families are really, really big on tradition and others kind of just go with the flow.

In today’s post I’m going to share a couple things that my family does every year or used to do and then you can share yours in the comments! Let’s spread some cheer!

So pretty much every year that I could remember, Christmas was always at my house. We’ve never gone to another house for Christmas – everybody comes to our house. We go to my grandmother’s on Christmas Eve, but we never go anywhere else.

My mom’s reasoning when I was a kid was that all the toys were at our house and we wouldn’t be driving anyone to crazy while they were eating or cooking. Then my older cousins would open up their gifts with us as well.

We also used to open our toys on Christmas Eve after going to my Grandmother’s after church. We stopped doing that a good while ago (obviously) and just started doing Christmas morning openings.

We usually always open up on Christmas morning. The only morning we didn’t was two years ago when I went to my boyfriends for Christmas Eve (his family does Christmas Eve all out) – my mom made my brothers wait for me to get home before opening and by the time I did it was just about time for everyone to come and eat, so instead we did it all together in one big mass group.

That was also the year that my dog jumped on the table and ate the Gingerbread Man cake’s leg. He saw the opening and he took it.

That is also a funny little thing that just seems to happen every year – “What dessert will the dog eat this year?” My dog Angel always found a way to eat brownies and chocolate and Tyler ate the gingerbread man. This might be the first year it doesn’t happen, since Houdini dog Angel is no longer with us.

I guess the plus side of that is that we won’t have to clean up after a sick dog. That’s always nice.

Another thing my mom does for my cousins is she hides our E.T ornament somewhere on the tree. They then each come in and have to find it, without helping the others. This one started before my time, so I have no idea.

So now that I’ve said kind of what we do – let me know down below what your family does! So many people come from so many different backgrounds that it makes it so interesting to hear!

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  1. Those traditions sound like fun (aside from the sick dog, I suppose!) and it sounds like your family has some great holiday memories. 🙂 Thanks for sharing those!

    Honestly, I haven’t really had too much in the way of active traditions so reading these was refreshing. My parents used to get an engraved ornament for me each year until I was in college so I still have a collection of those around but that tradition’s passed at this point.

    I guess every year we usually get a bunch of scratch tickets in our stockings and pool them together so that we all get a cut of whatever is won from them- but that’s not really a unique tradition from what I gather. Maybe it’s time to start up a new tradition!

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