The Road So Far: Nihilism Review

Hey everyone! Back with another post and one that is a review of my absolute favorite show on the planet (besides Doctor Who) – Supernatural!…


Hey everyone! Back with another post and one that is a review of my absolute favorite show on the planet (besides Doctor Who) – Supernatural! It’s a lot to get in to but I got into it when we had less than 10 seasons. Wanna get in to it now? Good luck and you can pretty much skip season 7 cause it sucked anyway.

I don’t think a lot of people I follow or people who follow me watch this, but whatever. My blog, my rules. Plus at least i’m writing something, right? These posts, which I’m calling ‘The Road So Far’ like what the opening title says, will probably all come on Fridays from now on if I can actually remember to watch it on time. If not, expect them on Mondays.

So yes, as you can see I’m still trying to figure out a schedule thing. But enough about that, I have some feelings about this episode I need to scream out.

So if you read my last recap on Supernatural, which you can go to here if you didn’t, you know how it ends. Either that or you actually watch the show and know how it ends.

Either way, Michael is back in Dean’s body stronger than ever and Dean is more trapped than ever. He doesn’t even know he’s trapped anymore. Michael built this happy world for him to continuously live in and repeat the same day over and over again.

It’s pretty much the same thing that happened in Season 9 i believe when Sam was possessed by Gadriel or whatever his name was. Built him the perfect world in his own head to trick him, etc. etc.

I mean, at least Dean’s finally happy for a bit.

While Dean’s living his best life, Sam, Jack and Cas are trying to figure out how to get him back to the bunker to solve their problem. Lucky for them, they have a pair of archangel cuffs that Michael says won’t hold him – either they actually do and he’s being an ass or he was holding on just for his own entertainment.

Long story short, Sam summons a Reaper to see if they can get them back to the bunker before the monsters kill them all, and it works much to everyone’s shock and surprise. Also to everyone’s shock, the ancient machine for getting inside peoples heads work and they manage to get into Dean’s head and find him after much hassle.

Oh, and Michael summoned the monsters to the bunker, and Jack did a dumb and used the magic that’s keeping him alive to save everyone. It’s a dumb because it took part of his soul – which is literally keeping him alive. Cas yells at him for it later.

Back to Dean’s head. As mentioned, they find him and it takes a good while for them to convince him that he is in his own head and Michael took over again. Then Michael appears and Dean realizes that he can’t cast him out or he’ll pretty much either die or be a human vegetable.

So, they lock him in a freezer with a screwdriver.

Yes, they lock the archangel Michael in the fucking freezer inside of Dean’s mind.

According to Dean, “my head my rules” so the screwdriver will supposedly hold, but obviously not for long. At the end, Dean is facing the consequences of this and comes face to face with Death herself, who tells him that all his death books (essentially, that’s what I’m calling them) that explain how he dies were rewritten and end with Michael taking him over and killing everyone.

Except for one, that she gives him and then he reads and she disappears.

And of course, we’re not allowed to know.

So there we have it – the mid-season return of Supernatural is in the books and Michael is literally in a freezer. It won’t last for long, and I’m hoping that if he does come back out they’ll be able to figure out a way to get rid of him once and for all.

Until next week! If you’ve watched the show share your thoughts with me down below.

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