I Went to Universal!

Hey everyone! I figured that since I’m working on trying to be myself, I should probably post more things like this. I went to Universal…


Hey everyone! I figured that since I’m working on trying to be myself, I should probably post more things like this. I went to Universal last weekend!

I hadn’t been since 2012 so it was so much fun to go with a friend and just see what was new. Plus – The Wizarding World of Harry Potter was the best part of it and the only part that I actually took pictures of.

If you’re interested in seeing my pictures and listening to me scream about the trip, then keep on reading!

(All pictures are my own taken on an iPhone XR. Filter by Rachelle Swannie for Lightroom Mobile)

Like I said, I hadn’t been to Universal since 2012 and back then the Wizarding World of Harry Potter had only been open a few years – so it was impossible to look at EVERYTHING there. Thankfully we went during the off season and we could actually look at things.

Before we got there we rode front row on the Hulk Ride, did Doctor Doom’s Freefall and the Spiderman Ride.

It was just as exciting and magical as I remembered it to be. Seeing the castle gave me goose bumps and I literally couldn’t take my eyes off it.

I have a few more from inside the castle, follow my instagram @alyssa.michelle719 to see them!

But we had to so we could actually go on the castle ride which was just as great as I remembered. I got two wands: The Elder Wand and Draco’s (because I love me some Draco Malfoy).

In the pictures I am using The Elder Wand. I’m no dummy, I know the power.

We took a lot of time to go in the shops, for both our enjoyment and because my friend knew I hadn’t been in ages. I wanted to buy almost everything in Honey Dukes because it smelled so damn good in there. I could have eaten the entire place up, to be honest.

I had a frozen butterbeer at the Three Broomsticks and oh my god was it good. 

We also watched the castle light show (which will be up in a Youtube video, sub to see!) and then left the park because we were exhausted, especially me having driven the 2 and half hours and being awake since 6:00 am.

The next day after checking out we went straight into the park. It was a hard day and I struggled because my knee was hurting and my hip was hurting, but thankfully my friend came to the rescue and let me borrow her knee brace, so that made things easier.

But despite that, we BOOKED IT to Diagon Alley (as fast as I could) and we made it into the line for the Gringotts Ride which was awesome. The decor in the ride was amazing and it felt like I was actually at Gringotts.

We also took some time to ride the Jimmy Fallon ride because I love Jimmy Fallon and we needed to sit down for a bit after Rip, Ride Rock It. It was pretty neat and a fun little sit down ride.

Then we went back to Diagon Alley and I took pictures of EVERYTHING. Since I hadn’t been, I had no other pictures of it so I went overboard with the pictures and took probably way to many of just Diagon Alley alone.

After spending to much time in Diagon Alley my friend and I decided to head out, as I was still in pain and she was starting to feel it too (but was still great and let me use her brace). It was a very fun trip and next time I go I’m getting the damn park hopper pass so I can ride the Hogwarts Express!

And that’s it for my trip! It was a lot of fun and a Potter-Fan’s best dream.

Until next time!

(Also, GO PATS!!)

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  1. I have never been to Universal (or even to America!) but in the UK we have the original HP studio tour and that’s like a scaled down version (without the rides, but with more of the props!) That’s about as close as I will get – but any excuse to go somewhere HP themed and I am there!

  2. Damn! So Jelly! It looks so good! (Also: thank you for sharing such a bunch of pics!) I went to the HP Studios nex to London and I had a blast 😀 I’d like to go back 😀

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