Jessica Jones and The Punisher Cancelled

Well, they finally did it. We knew it was coming. Jessica Jones and the Punisher have officially been cancelled by Netflix. It comes as no…


Well, they finally did it. We knew it was coming.

Jessica Jones and the Punisher have officially been cancelled by Netflix.

It comes as no surprise to at least me, and probably everyone else too. After the (arguably) best Marvel Netflix show got cancelled, Daredevil, it was only a matter of time before the rest of them went as well.

Rather than me complaining about them being cancelled like I usually do, we’re gonna do partially that, complain about Marvel TV’s vague letter about the future of the shows, then theorize of what is going to happen next.

If you haven’t read the letter from Marvel, go and do so here. You’ll get what I’m about to say soon.

It’s a very short letter, thanking the fans for being supportive of not only the individual shows, but The Defenders as well. They make a point to mention that they did it for us and that without us, they wouldn’t have happened in the first place.

They then go on to do some Netflix shading, saying they wanted to end the shows and their stories….. and then go on to say “you know Marvel better than that.” and then it ends with “To be continued…”

And that is where the speculation comes in.

People, like me, are hoping that the new Disney service will pick up the shows and bring them back on their website. That way, we can have the same stars and pick up where we left off, rather than starting all over.

However, there are also people who think that they’re going to start over. Which quite frankly, no thank you. Ain’t nobody gonna play Matt Murdock other than Charlie Cox, thank you very much. Or Krysten Ritter as Jessica. You get my drift.

The “to be continued” gives hope that they will be back in some form or another. However, HOW they will be back is an entirely different story.

Do you think they’ll bring them back picking up where they left off, or whole new cast and crew? Sound off below! I’m interested to see what everyone else is thinking!

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  1. We did know this was coming but it is still a punch to the gut. I read that even Jon Bernthal accepted that Punisher may get cancelled way before it was even cancelled. Jessica Jones Season 1 was absolutely phenomenal. It is such a shame it got cancelled, as well as all the other Marvel shows. I am still working my way through Punisher Season 1 and am yet to watch JJ season 2. It really is a shame but Marvel may be choosing to just focus their attention on the MCU. I guess DC can win when it comes to TV shows haha. Great article.

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