Pokemon Sword and Shield Reveal!

Hey everyone! Another quick blog post as I’m on my lunch break at work and have an hour to try and get my thoughts together.

Yesterday we found out that there was going to a Nintendo Direct this morning at 9am. Yes, early, but thankfully I was up and eating my breakfast before going into work (where I am now, writing this on my break).

I was hoping for something else, but honestly, I am not mad at all. I’m actually excited. But I still want what I was originally hoping for.

So we’ll start with what I was hoping for. I was hoping for some sort of DLC to Let’s Go Eevee to explore other regions and to just keep adding on the game. I want more Pokemon in my Pokedex and to do more since I’ve already been champion twice, gotten a full Pokedex, and have a full 6-Pokemon team at Level 100.

The only thing I haven’t done is battle Red. I need to battle two more Master Trainers for that.

But anyway, I was hoping for a DLC just to be able to go into the new region. Cause after I defeat Red, I’ll have done everything in the game and the only thing I can do after that is just get all my Pokemon leveled up like crazy and do the rest of the Master trainers.

Needless to say, I was a little bummed when I found out that it wasn’t that. But then when they said it was a totally new game with new Pokemon and a new world, I changed my tune.

Firstly, look at how interesting this region is. It’s brand-new and that isn’t even the WHOLE THING. There are cities, towns, just long planes of fields, ice lands, and more. I find that very exciting since it is a region we’ve never played before.

There are also going to be brand new Pokemon that we’ve never seen, which is another exciting thing!

We have new starter Pokemon! Naturally they are in the same exact categories as other starters have been. First off, I am so excited for Fire Bunny. That is going to be my starter for sure because man I love my fire types.

Also, another thing I am questioning is are there going to be new Eeveeloutions? I hope so because I love Eevee’s!

The game comes out in late 2019 according to the Direct and is already available for pre-order on various different websites. Will you be ordering?

Cause I know that I will. Nintendo and Pokemon own my ass.

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