Sims 4 Strangerville: First Impression

I recommend reading and watching my Let’s Play series, which will be featured on my Youtube channel!

Incase you didn’t know, I love the Sims 4. It was my part in the Normal Happenings Game that Define Us collab, I did a while series on my favorites listed in order, I just LOVE the Sims. I have every single expansion and game and stuff pack that is up for sale.

So when this one came out I already knew I was going to purchase it. It’s more a story mode game which usually isn’t my style, but it looked a little to interesting for me to not play immediately.

my let’s play! watch as you read if you desire.

Like I said above, the whole point of Strangerville is story. You want to figure out why the people of Strangerville are going all loopy and acting… strange.

You can select the ‘Solve Strangerville Mystery’ aspiration to quite literally solve the mess that is happening. It tells you who to talk to and what you need to find in order to solve the puzzle. As I say in my own video, I spoiled it for myself and watched a Let’s Play so I know what happens.

It’s very, very immersive and it is a LOT of work. But with that being said, according to literally everyone that I have talked to, it only takes you a few hours to get through it.

My friend said it only took her 2 hours to beat it, another Youtuber said it was a little longer than that for her. And then you’re done with it and there isn’t anything else for you to do in the world.

Which is quite disappointing, really. I assume in every new save you can redo the whole mission, but I think people were hoping it would be a little more challenging than what it actually is. Like, it’s actually not hard to complete as long as you know what you’re doing.

I could have easily completed the whole story in that one sitting, but I decided against it, cause content and stuff.

It’s quite fun to go through, but still kind of a disappointment. It’s a solid story and concept and what not, just way, WAY too quick to finish. If you’re a fanatic like me I can see why you would want to have this, but if you’re not… watch someone else do the Let’s Play.

That’s about all I have to say on the game. I didn’t want to give out any spoilers for what happens and how to solve the story incase anyone IS interested in the game. My thoughts are merely my own!

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