Higher, Further, Faster: Captain Marvel Review

Hello everyone!! It’s finally here. It’s Marvel’s first female lead film ever finally hitting the big screen – and fittingly enough on International Woman’s Day!…


Hello everyone!! It’s finally here. It’s Marvel’s first female lead film ever finally hitting the big screen – and fittingly enough on International Woman’s Day! Marvel knew what they were doing on that one for sure.

This movie has been highly anticipated and at first received some backlash for being pushed back a whole extra year. But now the day is finally here and we’re about to go in depth with Captain Marvel and I will give you all my thoughts and screams under the cut.

Before proceeding, read my spoiler warning here and proceed with caution.

I will literally warn you now: You’re gonna be crying like a little bitch in the opening title of the movie. The reports of the movie giving an amazing tribute to Stan Lee is correct, and I’ll leave that up to you to see when you see it, but you will cry like a bitch during the opening title. Bring the tissues, cause we were all crying.

Now that we’ve gotten past that…. this movie wasn’t structured the way I thought it was going to be – which was origins and then the whole point of the movie. It was actually structured quite differently where throughout the movie we saw her origin on screen as memories rather than it being “This is how she started blah blah blah.” It was refreshing to see the present day Carol (which for this movie is the 90s) more often than memory Carol.

Captain Marvel shows that there is no shame in being human and that maybe being human is what makes you stronger. At a key point in the movie, when Carol was at her weakest point she embraced who she was and that was what made her strongest. I appreciate that being one of the largest points that the movie went off of pretty much the whole two hours – to everyone she wasn’t good enough for many reasons; some of them being human, being a girl, not strong enough, etc. But when she overcame those and proved to everybody that she was more than that after accepting herself, she truly shined. Literally and figuratively.

Oh and you also see how Fury TRULY lost his eye. And it’s quite hysterical.

I know that so far online Captain Marvel has received a lot of trash and troll comments by people who, to me, just have no lives and nothing better to do. I’m always 100% honest with yall, even if my bias on Marvel is clear, but this movie, is now in the top 5. WHICH IS A VERY HARD THING FOR MARVEL TO DO ANYMORE.

I mean, it was funny, it was action packed, the effects were freakin AMAZING, and the whole story was just awesome. Now granted a lot of comic readers probably knew what the story was going to be before going in, unlike me. That’s my beauty of going to see these movies without reading the comics, you’re always surprised.

Also, funny story about me seeing this movie. We were 30 minutes out of the end of the film (you could tell because it was the BIG action fight that always happens towards the end) and we’re going and then…. lights come on, fire alarm blaring. Everybody SCREECHED because they were so mad. We all had to leave the theater and stand outside for 15 minutes before they, thankfully, let us back inside to finish the movie. It picked up right where it left off thank god, so we finished the movie. They also gave everyone who came back in free vouchers for another movie.

My friend and I are saving those bad boys for End Game. Which at this point will be the next Marvel movie I talk about. Will I make it? Probably not.

Also the mid credit scene – hold on to your BUTTS. Its longer than normal to me and you will be screaming. Like I was. And everyone else. The end one is funny but the MID ONE is the one that you need to pay attention to the most. Like I said, hold onto your butts.

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