All Aboard the Umbrella Academy Hype Train!

I can’t tell you the amount of times over the past few weeks that I was told to watch the Umbrella Academy. It seemed like everybody I talked to that knows me told me to watch it because ‘its right up your alley!’, which is weird and freaky shit. It came up in every conversation I had with my boyfriend since he finished watching it a coupe weeks ago.

Ladies and gents, on Tuesday March 19th, I finally caved. I bought myself a cheap (like $160, but on sale and compared to others it was good for me) TV after saving my pennies for a while, fully loaded with Amazon Fire TV already installed into the TV – all I had to do was install the apps that I wanted. I can’t watch things on my laptop, I get to distracted with everything else I can do on it, thus why it took me buying a TV to actually start watching it.

But that’s beside the point – I’m here to talk about the Umbrella Academy.

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