All Aboard the Umbrella Academy Hype Train!

I can’t tell you the amount of times over the past few weeks that I was told to watch the Umbrella Academy. It seemed like…


I can’t tell you the amount of times over the past few weeks that I was told to watch the Umbrella Academy. It seemed like everybody I talked to that knows me told me to watch it because ‘its right up your alley!’, which is weird and freaky shit. It came up in every conversation I had with my boyfriend since he finished watching it a coupe weeks ago.

Ladies and gents, on Tuesday March 19th, I finally caved. I bought myself a cheap (like $160, but on sale and compared to others it was good for me) TV after saving my pennies for a while, fully loaded with Amazon Fire TV already installed into the TV – all I had to do was install the apps that I wanted. I can’t watch things on my laptop, I get to distracted with everything else I can do on it, thus why it took me buying a TV to actually start watching it.

But that’s beside the point – I’m here to talk about the Umbrella Academy.

I knew that I would like the show. I knew that it was gonna be freaky and weird and almost science fiction-y, which are all the things that I love the most in watching stuff/anything.

See, here’s my thing; when I’m being constantly hounded and told to watch things, it puts me off of watching it because I get to annoyed that I’m getting told to watch it constantly. I will watch what I want on my own terms, thank you very much. I’ve also turned into a busy person that barely has time to watch things so when I do have time to watch things I want it to be something I want to watch and not something I was harassed into watching.

After catching up on the Supernatural episode that I missed (by the way, The Road So Far will return next week with a combo post of the last two weeks just to make catch up easier) and some Youtube videos I decided to start watching it.

I got through the first 6 episodes on Tuesday and finished it on Wednesday afternoon. God damn I was hooked. This show is really fuckin weird and freaky-deaky, just like everyone told me.

These dysfunctional siblings reeled me in, each with their own special type of… special. Luther is huge, Diego is a super killer, Allison can manipulate people, Klaus can see the dead, Five can time travel, Ben (who is dead) essentially has some sort of tentacle monster in him, and Vanya is so powerful she ends the world.

I absolutely loathe Five – the cocky little shit can go take a long walk off a short bridge in my eyes and I wouldn’t miss him at all. My heart wouldn’t ache a bit. Diego and Luther aren’t overly far behind but I like them a little more than him. Vanya and Allison are next up, as I feel bad for Allison not being able to see her daughter and for Vanya being told she isn’t good enough all her life.

I would murder for Klaus. That crazy little shit who has to stay drugged up to stop his madness is my favorite character in the whole series. Not only is he hilarious, I feel for him the most. The dude literally have to poison himself to stay sane. Not because it makes him feel high, it makes his every day living nightmare stop. Of course at the end of the season he sobers up and discovers that he can live with his powers, but between being tortured to discover that and his flashbacks to when he was a kid and was locked up in a graveyard, I really ached for him.

The show is very intense. There are twists and turns and at some point throughout the show you want to kill all 7 of the siblings. They all have their dark and selfish tendencies, some more than others. That’s what they all are – they’re selfish. They’re all about family and being happy with each other and sibling love but yet they betray each other at any chance they get for their own benefits.

Umbrella Academy isn’t like any other Netflix show I’ve watched. Each one of them is unique but Umbrella Academy actually has a more unique storyline where every episode is different and there’s more than one main character, and yet they never seem to overshadow each other.

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  1. I am about to start episode 8 and my friend told me that episode 8 is so mind-blowing. He lost his mind when he saw it. I have not finished it yet but I thoroughly enjoy the show. I do this thing however, with shows and movies and games and anything really, where if I feel like I am getting too invested or things are getting to intense I stop because my fragile heart can’t take it. That’s why I stopped at episode 7. I will finish it though. I want to.

    I think the cast of actors is absolutely phenomenal. This family is absolutely f*cked up, and my heart breaks for each them differently. Ellen Page is getting some flack for being ‘boring’ but I think she is embodying Vanya perfectly. Klaus is just awesome. Robert Sheehan was the perfect character. I think the actor who plays number five, Aidan Gallagher, is a phenomenal actor and has such a bright career ahead of him. He absolutely kills it as five. My brother told me that he saw internet comments saying he should play Damien Wayne in a Batman/DC movie or TV series and I absolutely agree.

    Every one of the siblings is fighting their own battles and its clear to see, but they truly care for one another, especially Diego. He may seem the most selfish and annoying of all but He would kill for his family (well, any of them would tbh). I could go on but I do not want to ramble on. Great post as always!

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