Some More Updates

It seems like I keep making updates. This time around they’re small ones, though. So small I don’t even need to insert a read more into this post.

A new series is starting! Yes, with the start of Game of Thrones comes a new series to this blog calledFor the Throne. Thanks to everyone on Twitter who voted to help me narrow down the choices. You can now see it in the menu bar, though it has nothing in it for the moment because the show hasn’t started yet.

Who else is super pumped for April 12? It occurred to me that I’m most likely going to be at work when the show will be on – so either I’m streaming it live somewhere or watching it the next day. We’ll see, but ideally the For the Throne posts will be out on Monday. Ideally.

Patreon has new perks for all tiers! Not a very major update, but every tier now comes with access to posts before they get published. Either it will be 2 days, 1 day, just a few minutes (in the case of this one). I wanna try to promote this a little more and give better rewards I’m actually capable of, and I figured this would be a start.

That’s about all I’ve got for now. Till next time when I hopefully have a lot more to stay.

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