For the Throne: Episode 1 Review

Welcome one and all to a new weekly (until it’s over) series on the blog: For the Throne. Any guesses as to what it’s about?

It’s pretty safe to say that Game of Thrones is a pop culture phenomenon. It seems like everybody in the world watches it. I am one of those people.

I figured that I’d give myself weekly content by writing these posts and since it’s the last season of the show, I also figured why not. These are going to be highlights of things from within episode rather than a summary of the entire thing. Or maybe it won’t. We’re testing the waters here friends.

As a warning, this entire series will contain spoilers. Not even gonna lie to you. Only read if you’ve watched the episode or want to spoil it for yourself. Don’t come cry to me if you read it and you get spoiled.

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