For the Throne: Episode 1 Review

Welcome one and all to a new weekly (until it’s over) series on the blog: For the Throne. Any guesses as to what it’s about?…


Welcome one and all to a new weekly (until it’s over) series on the blog: For the Throne. Any guesses as to what it’s about?

It’s pretty safe to say that Game of Thrones is a pop culture phenomenon. It seems like everybody in the world watches it. I am one of those people.

I figured that I’d give myself weekly content by writing these posts and since it’s the last season of the show, I also figured why not. These are going to be highlights of things from within episode rather than a summary of the entire thing. Or maybe it won’t. We’re testing the waters here friends.

As a warning, this entire series will contain spoilers. Not even gonna lie to you. Only read if you’ve watched the episode or want to spoil it for yourself. Don’t come cry to me if you read it and you get spoiled.

As I said above, we’re kinda winging this series a little bit at first. I haven’t exactly thought of a format, so bear with me. Not everything in the episode is in here. So if you wanna know everything, go and watch it.

We’ll start out with the beginning, obviously. Soldiers are marching into Winterfell after coming back from the whole fight beyond the wall thing. And we know shit is gonna be good cause last time Jon Snow was home he left to go to Dragonstone after being proclaimed King of the North.

There’s obvious tension between Sansa and Daenerys, because naturally Jon did not mention at all that he was going to be brining her back to Winterfell. And the northerners are not happy and then they get the shit scared out of them because y’know, Dragons. Meanwhile Arya was in a state of “holy shit!”

Skipping the awkward town meeting between Winterfell and Daenerys because like I said, it was just plain ‘ol awkwardness and nothing happened anyway – we see Arya and Jon reunite and it is one of the purest moments of the whole show. They were just so happy and AaaAaaAAaaAhhHhH!

We travel to King’s Landing and see Cersi for the first time in a meeting with Euron Greyjoy, both of whom I wish to see dead by the end of this show. There’s stuff about elephants which instantly became meme material, then Euron tries to get into her pants.

To which she says no, but lets him do it anyway. Weak shit.

Bronn was then just trying to enjoy some whores when all they would talk about is the dragons, when he finds out that he’s going to be tasked to kill Tyrion aparently. He is less than thrilled about the idea and quite frankly, doesn’t care.

Theon pulls his head out of his ass finally and goes to save his sister. To which she throttles him because he deserves it. Then he leaves her again and goes to the North.

Tyrion, Lord Varys, and and Sir Davos gossip about how they think Dany and Jon should rule on the Iron Throne together. Oh, if they only knew.

Jon and Dany ride some dragons, gracing us with the BEST MEME MATERIAL of all time, the fuckin’ dragon. Oh good lord, this was the best part of the whole episode for me. I mean, just look at the freakin thing staring him down. It’s incredible:

Arya reunites with Gendry and the Hound and it goes pretty much about how you would expect it to go. Then Sansa lays into Jon about Dany and it was the most wonderful thing to ever see. Sansa only speaks truths, my friends.

We finally see Sam again and everything goes great and dandy until he finds out that Dany killed his brother and father because they refused to bend the knee to her. Then he gets sad, runs into Bran, who by the way is just in creep mode the whole fucking episode lurking in the background. Bran says he needs to tell Jon the truth about his parentage.

So he does. And Jon doesn’t believe him at first, but then tries to process it all. Because we all know that Jon didn’t want to be King of the North, let alone king of the whole Seven Kingdoms. So now he knows that and he can barely believe it and he probably doesn’t want any of it, if we know predictable Jon Snow.

Then we travel upward and find Tormund and a few other people who are slightly less important – because right now it’s only him because it means HE’S ALIVE AND SURVIVED ICE DRAGON DEATH STUFF. Work with me here, people. The lord of the castle is stuck to the wall and starts burning alive after screaming bloody murder, signaling that the Night King is on his way to Winterfell and there isn’t much time left before everything goes to shit.

And the episode ends with Jaime reaching Winterfell and finding Bran waiting him. And then, it ends.

Overall, it was a slightly more underwhelming episode. We had a lot of things happen that are probably important to the plot of the rest of the season. I still hate Cersi. A lot.

And I’m still on team Daenerys, although a lot of good points were brought up about her ‘character’ throughout the episode that now I have to think about. I hope she doesn’t flip her shit about Jon technically having the right to the throne over her. Even though she probably will.

Anyways, I’m going to leave it open in the comments below for any theories and opinions on the episode or what’s to come. Next week I’ll have this planned better, promise. Until next time!

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  1. I’ll agree it was slightly underwhelming for a GoT episode but every first season episode is like that so I expected it. I still LOVED it, especially prolonged time with the dragons! Loved Drogon’s whole I’m watching you thing! But I found that scene between Jon and Dany super bad and cringey. Jon and Ygritte had far more chemistry. And so much awkwardness between characters seeing each other again, ie Sansa and Tyrion, Bran and Jaime loved that too. Best bits were Jon and Arya reuniting and “I’ve always had blue eyes!”.

    1. I feel like it always starts out this way – quiet and underwhelming and then all of a sudden its a turn and twist in every single episode. I can’t wait for next week to see what happens with Jaime and Bran. Also, I agree on the Jon and Dany thing. I feel like its HIM that makes it kinda awkward rather than her. But he is kinda awkward. It won’t last much longer though, I have a feeling.

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