For the Throne: A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

Hello again. It is that time of the week again where I write down all my feelings about the previous day’s Game of Thrones episode…


Hello again. It is that time of the week again where I write down all my feelings about the previous day’s Game of Thrones episode and publish it. Hopefully this will be better than last weeks! I have a little less feelings about things this week since everything took place among my favorite group of people, but they are still there.

So let’s just get on with it, shall we?

As a warning, this entire series will contain spoilers. Not even gonna lie to you. Only read if you’ve watched the episode or want to spoil it for yourself. Don’t come cry to me if you read it and you get spoiled.

We all knew that the main point of this episode would be the impending doom of the Night King’s army marching on Winterfell. However, that shit going into gear doesn’t happen for a good half the episode.

Instead, we open with Jaime facing Daenerys. And she’s quite pissed because the Lannister army is not coming up North to help and all she’s left with is him. Tryion urges her to not kill him, and when she shoots him down Brienne steps up and defends him, thus Sansa defending him because of Brienne. Dany looks to Jon and he kinda just ‘nope’ the fuck out. Long story short, Jaime is saved.

Bran also uses against him the line that he said when he pushed him out the window. So there’s that.

There’s a confrontation between Tyrion and Dany, leaving Sir Jorah to tell her to bring her ego down a bit (in my terms). She listened a little I think because then she talks to Sansa to get on an equal playing ground with her, until Sansa asked about the North.

Luckily time was on Dany’s side, because thats when Sansa was summoned by Theon coming back. There was a hug, it was quite, Dany was confused.

Arya and Gendry meet up again and she tells him to make her a weapon. And thats it of them for now.

Somewhere in between all that Jaime apologizes to Bran and Jaime realizes that Bran is nuts. In short.

And now starts the “well, we’re all gonna die” arch of the episode that was quite frankly getting real fuckin old real quick. We get it, you get it, shut up.

Tormound and group come back and tell Jon that the army is on the way. They start planning to go straight for the Night King by using Bran as bait, which no one likes at all. But Theon takes on the role of guarding Bran, which he and Sansa both reluctantly agree too.

Then there’s pow-wows between a few of the groups, all talking about how they’re going to die and what not.

Arya and Gendry bang. And it’s great for Arya. She’s just in that “YOLO” state of mind with that one. The internet is very upset about this, but like…. chill.

Meanwhile there is a circle of Tryion, Jaime, Brienne, Tormound, and Sir Davos all drinking wine by the fire. Tormound tells a story to impress Brienne and it doesn’t work. Giants titty milk. Go watch it yourself, it’s hilarious.

Jaime makes Brienne a Knight of the Seven Kingdoms, hence the episode title. It comes after saying that she was never able to, cause she’s a woman, and Jaime then does it. AND IT MAKES HER SO HAPPY!!!

Then we finally get the Jon and Dany confrontation we were waiting for. And it goes pretty much as you’d expect it. Dany freaks. She doesn’t have time to voice her freaking out, because the siren goes off to signal they arrival of the army.

And thus, it ends.

Now on for some of my thoughts, mainly surrounding Daenerys.

GIRL. WHY YOU FREAKING OUT? I know what’s gonna happen, you’re gonna freak about the throne, he’s gonna say he doesn’t want it, you’re not gonna believe him, and its gonna get messy. DIDN’T YOU JUST TELL HIS SISTER YOU LOVE HIM? Like, stop. Dany, stop while you’re ahead.

Ugh. Anyway, that’s my thoughts on the matter. Feel free to comment down below like last week and keep it going.

Till next week!

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  1. Danys the worst part of the whole thing, she’s just meh, and now that Jon Sner has been able to fly a dragon, well, there’s not much else that she brings to the table.

    It’s all going to go wrong anyway, there was so much foreshadowing of the non-fighty characters going down to the crypt and I think it’s telling that we only saw some general type white walker’s rather than the Night King at the end, I don’t think he’s going to Winterfell.

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