Avengers: Endgame Review

If some of this post seems a bit odd, it’s cause I started drafting it on April 2nd. Jumping the gun. The most anticipated movie…


If some of this post seems a bit odd, it’s cause I started drafting it on April 2nd. Jumping the gun.

The most anticipated movie of 2019 has finally released. And guys… holy shit man. What a ride it’s been with the MCU. At the time this post comes out, I’ll have already seen it twice. Friends, it was fucking incredible.

This movie tore me to pieces. I held onto my hair the entire time. I had anxiety for the entire 3 hours. I cried. I gasped. I yelped. Friends, it was a ride.

I will absolutely try to not give anything away about the movie, but I also give no promises. Thanos demands your silence, but he ain’t getting it from me right now. I have things I need to rant about. Read at your own risk. You’ve been warned. I don’t want any tears in these comments about spoilers. Only tears about the movie, please.

Before proceeding, read my spoiler warning here and proceed with caution.

I may go back and forth between things I thought were going to happen and things that actually did, referencing this post here. Oh how naive I was. Once more, I am going to try my absolute hardest to not give away anything overly big, but I can make no guarantees that I don’t try to lay subtle hints for you guys to connect the dots. Anyways, on with it.

They right to it, right away. Like, there was no fucking around when it came to finding him and trying to fix it. The whole first like 15 or 20 minutes of the movie is pretty much 99% trailer footage. But then that’s it. You don’t see ANYTHING from the trailer for pretty much the rest of the movie.

So whatever you had in your mind for how this was gonna go, throw it away. Cause if you thought the trailer was the movie, you’re in for a treat cause it is absolutely NOT.

The amount of death in the movie was not as high as I was expecting. Only two Avengers actually died on screen. One that you can probably assume and will still cry about (contracts were up, you know?) and the other that you’ll be a little more shocked at that it isn’t someone else. I realize now that first option can mean many people, but when you see it, you’ll get it. You’ll have seen it coming. The second, not so much.

The second one has me all sorts of fucked up still. Cause that’s my baby. I am never going to get over it. Even the second time around, I still cried. Cause I am never getting over it. Ever. And it makes for a very painful scene later on in the movie, which I’ll explain in a little detail later when I move onto fight scenes and stuff. Also, technically this death is the first one in the movie, so don’t get confused.

Yes, we find out how Tony gets back to Earth. It’s in the first 15 minutes of the movie. Literally, the whole trailer is pretty much in the first 30 minutes or so of the movie except for a small handful of scenes. You have a whole 2 and a half hours of movie that you don’t know what you’re getting. Anyways, I digress.

The BIG scene. Everything had gone smoothly, they figured out how to get everyone back, and Thanos comes to rip shit. The main three, Tony, Steve and Thor, go to face him and the entire time you’re going to be freaking out. The entire time. And it will be okay.

For most of them.

Then in something truly, so epic, you first have to think about Age of Ultron. Remember when the gang was all together and happy and were trying to lift Thor’s hammer? Remember who almost got close? Yeah. Remember that scene in your head. You can picture what happens next in this fight sequence remembering that. (This one is a movie spoiler, but evidently, a comic foreshadowed).

All I said the entire sequence was “HOLY SHIT!! HOLY SHIT!!” Cause holy shit it was incredible. Everybody clapped.

And then, everyone, all at once, comes back. Thanks to Doctor Strange to getting them to the point of the fight, of course. And everyone steps through. EVERYONE. And it is the best scene that I have EVER laid eyes on in all of MCU history. There were goosebumps and tears. Everybody clapped.

Then Steve tells the Avengers to Assemble. More clapping. And then the massive fight scene. People reunite, I will leave for that you to see cause it’s emotional.

And then Wanda is kickin the shit out of Thanos when he tells his army to open fire on the ground again. And for a moment you’re like “This is how it ends.”

Until the shots stop and aim towards the sky. Guess who?

Carol Danvers then comes to kick the living shit out of Thanos again. Then she ends up with the stones, and ALL THE LADIES COME OUT TO HELP HER. Every. Single. Female. Hero. And it is the second best scene in the whole movie.

Skipping past the most important part and the part that I will get mauled for if I spoil – the second death of the movie. It comes after a lot more action and a Thanos attempt to snap the stones again that fails.

And then, karma bites him, cause he is turned to dust. And the world is peaceful.

Then there’s a funeral. And it’s sad and you will cry. And a montage of footage of Clint and Scott being back with their families, and Wakanda celebrating.

And the last scene of the movie. You will cry again. Because the mantle was passed on. Which mantle? You’ll have to see for yourself.

And then it is.

This gets a spot in my top 5. It was truly incredible. It was a satisfying ending to the MCU as we know it currently. Everything was wrapped up with a bow in that box and a new box was opened.

So, if you have seen the movie, tell me your thoughts below! I’d love to know if people thought differently, if people cried as much as I did, etc.

Until next time.

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