What I Really Thought About Avengers Endgame

According to the Russo Brothers, the Avengers Endgame Spoiler ban ended on May 6. Here’s the tweet to prove it from the men themselves. They…


According to the Russo Brothers, the Avengers Endgame Spoiler ban ended on May 6. Here’s the tweet to prove it from the men themselves. They also say not to be an asshole and purposely ruin the movie. Thankfully, I am not going to do that.

After seeing it 3 times, I have a lot of different thoughts. Some I halfway voiced in my full on review over here, but didn’t want to entirely bring up in fear of getting crucified over spoilers. But now that the directors say it’s free game, it’s free game. So now you can read on and find out my FULL thoughts and opinions on the movie, along with some afterthoughts and just general thoughts for projects that happen after this movie.

Which aren’t that different from the review, but I can actually tell you now characters and details. Like I said, I’m not going to be that asshole and ruin the movie for you – I still have my usual spoiler warning below and you should still proceed with caution before going forward.

Anyways, on with it, shall we?

Before proceeding, read my spoiler warning here and proceed with caution.

We all knew Tony was going to die, right? Like, that’s not shocking to anyone, right? Cause I wasn’t shocked. I knew it was going to happen. I just didn’t know how or when in the movie it was going to happen. But I knew.

But oh my lord I still cried like a bitch.

It makes sense that he ended up sacrificing himself. My coworker said he didn’t know he would die, but I 100% believe that he KNEW what it would do to him. If they nearly killed Thanos himself and did a number on Hulk, who are both massive and not just human, there was no way he was going to make it out of that and I think that he knew that. But he did it anyway to get rid of him once and for all.

Which makes it more painful. But honestly, seeing Thanos disappear in the way that he made everybody else disappear, in the way he wanted to help the universe, was just karma. It was incredible.

The next death we’re going to talk about, overthink, and scream about is Natasha.


That one I did not see coming, for a variety of reasons. The main one being that she has a movie coming. But when they showed the planet that her and Clint ended up on I started to pull my hair out, have a panic attack, and cry. One of them wasn’t going to make it out – and I had no clue which one it would be. Both of them having projects moving toward with the MCU.

Natasha’s movie may be a prequel, but I hope it isn’t. A lot of people on the internet are theorizing that when Steve brought back the soul stone (we’ll get to him later) it released the soul that was sacrificed for it to begin with, or something along those lines of him bringing the stone back and Natasha coming back after the soul was placed back for the soul. This is the theory that I can absolutely, 100% fuck with. We can only hope though, right?

Either way, from when Natasha died on was waterworks for me. I didn’t stop until I left the theater. She is my second favorite Marvel character of all time. I will never be over it.

Next is going to be that whole ending sequence with Steve, Sam, and Bucky. Steve goes to return the stones, tells Sam that he’ll see him in a minute. But Bucky says that he’s going to miss him.

So yall can not tell me that James Buchanan Barnes did not know what was going to happen with Steve. That little shit KNEW what Steve was up to – cause when Sam started freaking out Bucky knew to turn around and look for him in the general area.

I’m happy that Steve is technically still alive. He’s retired, but still alive. People on the internet are saying that there were 2 Steve’s in the timeline of the movies and the second one just helped out when he could undetected. But this doesn’t make much sense to me cause he could have stopped everything before it even started and he didn’t. That doesn’t seem very Steve to me. But at least we got Steve and Peggy together, finally.

In terms of Sam getting the shield instead of Bucky, I’m not actually angry about that. I don’t think Bucky has developed enough yet as himself since all the Hydra shit to even want it, so it makes sense that Sam has it instead. Plus, since they have a show coming the two of them, I think we will be just fine with getting to see Bucky have it at some point.

I think that about does it for this post. I have a bunch more theories and whatnot that I have discussed with my coworker and friends, but I won’t get into those unless I get asked.

If you’ve seen the movie I want you to sound of below with what you thought of it! I’m curious to know.

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  1. I also completely agree with your review. The Natasha thing did shock me because I also didn’t see it coming. I think the conversation between Strange and Stark when Strange holds up his one finger to Stark and I think at that moment he knew 100% that he would have to perish.. that was a sad moment.

  2. I didn’t just cry when Tony died, I cried over and over again throughout. Even at the start when Hawkeye’s family all disappeared. Then Nat?! Ugh.

    I was a mess by the end.

    1. I don’t think I’ll ever be able not get through the movie without being a mess. Never.

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