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30 Day Character Challenge: Day 29

One more day! Let’s do this and get it done, eh?

29. A character that makes you flashback to your childhood

This can be grouped together as every damn Disney movie ever made. I was a Disney kid growing up, loved the Princesses and anything Disney that came out. So anything Disney now brings me back to when I was a kid, and even going to Disney World currently makes me feel like a kid again.

Disney World is actually 20x more fun when you’re adult. Cause you can do anything you want (within reason) and no one can tell you no. Wanna ride Tower of Terror until you puke? Sure, go ahead. Wanna have 20 Mickey Ice Cream Sandwiches? Sure.

Wanna wait in line for 10 minutes to meet a robotic droid from your favorite movie? Sure!

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