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30 Day Character Challenge: Day 30

Hello everyone!! We’ve made it!! This is the last day of the 30 day character challenge – ended a little late, but whatever. It got done and that is what I am most impressed with!

30. A character you will love and remember for the rest of your life

This one was actually the hardest for me, because there are so many amazing characters that I can put under this one. I hold a lot of characters near and dear to my heart, but this one holds the most significance.

Princess Leia will always be a big inspiration for me. She doesn’t let the men in her life control her or what she wants to do. She simply just does what she thinks is best. She’s also smarter than everyone else in the whole damn series.

For a series that came out back in the 70s it was made clear that Leia was in charge of many things. She was the front of the rebellion and fought with them and took lead when needed. She was a Princess who then moved on to be a General, fighting for the good of the people.

So this is why she will always be with me. I love Leia and I always will.

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