Yes, I Still Write Fan Fiction

Hello everyone! Back in the old days (i.e 2015/2016 and part of 2017, maybe) whenever I was out of ideas to write about I would…


Hello everyone! Back in the old days (i.e 2015/2016 and part of 2017, maybe) whenever I was out of ideas to write about I would write about fan fiction. It seemed to be my default thing to write about since I wrote it actively for a long time, and still do.

It’s been a while since I’ve touched on it in a dedicated post, since September 2017 to be exact, and truth be told there is no specific reason for why I don’t write about it anymore other than that fact that I don’t think anyone cares.

But that changes today, friends. Why do I still write it? You’ll have to read under the cut to find out.

Most of my fan fiction posts in the past became rambly. This one will be no different. Consistency is key, after all.

The idea for this post came to light after I sat here at 10:30 PM on a Sunday night at work and came up with a new idea for a Kylo Ren Fan Fiction (are we surprised?) after telling myself “NO MORE STORIES UNTIL YOU’VE FINISHED WHAT YOU STARTED.” A few weeks ago I had finally finished and put out the last chapter of a Kylo story, only 10 chapters long which is much shorter than I intended it to be. I felt like where I was in the story was a good place to wrap it up rather than forcing more chapters that I didn’t want or have a plan for. The story was complete, and that was that. It was my first fic I’ve ever actually completed.

With the wrapping of that, I could focus on trying to figure out my MCU/Star Wars cross-over and writing more of that into completion and an unpublished Draco Malfoy fan fiction. I wanted to mass write chapters for both – maybe like 5 or 10 – before publishing so that way I’d be ahead and putting out chapters on a semi-consistent basis. Right now I write chapters every once in a while and publish them when I finish them cause I feel bad for taking forever.

I stress myself over not being able to write chapters like I want. In my weird brain, if I can’t write a story on something that I love it means that I’m not a big enough fan. Which makes NO SENSE at all saying it out loud. The whole point of fan fiction is to be able to create extended stories with the characters you already know and love as a tribute to the original fandom. Once more, this makes almost no sense, but it is how my mind operates.

But through all this, I still have the desire to write about my favorite fandoms. I blame an over-active imagination and my constant day-dreaming about what it would be like to live in a world with them. Writing stories also helps destress me and gives me a form of therapy, besides Simming.

Plus, writing stories and fan fiction allows me to be creative with no boundaries. If I want to make Kylo Ren an absolute fucking softie I can because it’s FAN fiction (not that I would cause I can’t even imagine that). If I want to completely ignore Endgame I can. It allows me to write things how I would have wanted them to be and then keep on going. The stories can continue with fan fiction even after they’re over and thats something I enjoy a lot about it.

Because sometimes when your favorite series ends, you’re not ready for it to actually be over. Fan fiction gives the opportunity to keep on going with it – sometimes just for yourself.

If anyone cares enough to keep up with it, I write on AO3 and Wattpad (I don’t use this AS much but I’m trying to). Thanks for listening to my rambles about creativity and stress relief and I’ll see you next time!

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  1. I haven’t written any fanfiction in a while but the last successful fanfiction I completed was one revolving on Shan Yu from Mulan. I call it The Warlord’s Prize and wrote it on Wattpad.

      1. You should always write them first and foremost, for yourself. If other people like it, that’s a plus. I think it was just luck that that particular story I wrote got big.

  2. I totally get the appeal of writing fan fiction. I used to write a lot of X-Files fic and found it so therapeutic. Like you say, it’s a thrill to take your favourite characters further and explore where they can go. It avoids any tedious character-building too, because your readers already know them. I’m not saying it’s lazy, but it’s nice being able to jump right in!

    1. Oh yes, it really is nice to be able to just… write. I’m also writing a book (kinda – haven’t really done work on it in a while) and its harder for me to write that because of all the establishing I have to do. Fan fiction is great cause if I wanna write I just can.

  3. I wrote some fan fiction as a teenager, but I mostly loved reading it. Even that can feel so great, getting more of a story and characters. I was never good about finishing my own stories, but I always had lots of ideas.

    1. That is still me. I love to read it and write it – though I am awful at finishing stories before I come up with new ideas. At least it’s not just me!

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