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Sims 4 Realm of Magic: What We Know

A different Sims post was supposed to come up today but I’ve moved that to next week because we got some new goodies today. As I mentioned in my post about EA Play back in June, we were going to be getting a new game pack for the Sims 4 in September it is going to be MAGIC.

Well, today the trailer dropped for said pack. And the Gurus are DISHING all the secrets on Twitter. So before you move any further, take a peep at the trailer and then continue on to find out all the things that I know:

Side note: this is NOT a trailer analysis post. You watched it, you see whats in it.

Okay, now that you’ve watched that let’s get into the tea. I was sitting in a livestream (as I do every day) and SimGuruNinja popped on in and decided to dish on the pack and my lords we found out SO MUCH STUFF. Not only that but SimGuruRomeo has been spilling secrets on Twitter since the drop. Everybody is very excited about this pack.

And yes, before we move onto that real quick – I WILL BE redoing the entirety of both worlds (spoiler alert lols) to model them after Harry Potter. Like, there is no question about it, I will be attempting Hogwarts and redoing everything.

Also quick: a lot of this came straight from the Guru’s themselves. What I have here is what they said and that’s about all I’ve got.

Firstly, the animals that are in the trailer are FAMILIARS!!! You can have as many as you want supposedly according to the Gurus and your own pet can become your familiar. AND you can have a dragon or a fairy as one as well.

Next I’ll move onto what I spoiled above: TWO WORLDS. The first world is called Glimmerbrook and has 5 lots you can live on, and the second world is just Realm which is the magic realm that you get into through the veil looking thing that is basically a replica of the thing from Order of the Phoenix.

You can’t live in Glimmerbrook but you can build and edit on it with cheats. So I’m thining Glimmerbrook will be Diagon Alley-equse and Realm will be Hogsmeade and Hogwarts. That is how it will be for me and I don’t care what anyone says. My Harry Potter fantasy is coming to life in the Sims 4. And we WILL get a whole bunch of more hidden objects in the debug menu. (If anyone wants a post full of just cheats and mods I use for the Sims let me know, I’ll be happy to oblige).

Now onto how to GET magic. You unleash your magic through going into the Realm so it seems, but believe it or not it is NOT a skill – so it must be a trait of sorts or an occult. They’re not calling things witches or wizards – they’re calling them Spell Casters and anyone can become one if they so desire or they can completely ignore it all together. But if you do become a Spell Caster, there is a benefit to having multiple generations of Spell Casters. Ninja didn’t dish on what that was, but it excites me. Maybe multiple generations make the family line more powerful than others?

There are 24 spells, 15 potions and several curses that you can learn and use in your Sims life and even duel with other people. Presumably the more you know the more powerful your Sim will be – part of the perks. You can get trained by experts and complete quests to get better quicker and you can turn things into objects, live forever and remove unwanted people. You can also read tomes (books) to learn magical spells if you can’t get a mentor.

And yes, there is a new way to die, but there is no new way to woohoo.

I think I hit everything that SimGuruNinja mentioned in the stream that I was in. I hope everyone is excited like me and I can say that I will probably just live out my entire Harry Potter fantasy in this world with this pack.

Till Thursday!

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  • Reply Alyssa | Nerd Side of Life

    I dont exactly know what Makin Magic is since I started playing with TS2 and only got more active in the community as of late but I am just to excited to live out my Harry Potter dreams with this one.

    August 20, 2019 at 9:32 pm
  • Reply Tiffany

    Now, this has really made me want to start playing Sims again, after I get Realm of Magic of course.

    August 22, 2019 at 3:56 am
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