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30 Day Geek Out Challenge: Day 30

Hello and welcome to the final day! I can’t believe that I only missed one day of this whole thing and that it’s over. I’m going to keep this category open on my blog for anyone who might be interested in seeing it again.

Thanks to everyone who followed along! I will be posting my normal The Monthly tomorrow and then taking a week break from writing to get myself back to normal (ish). I’ve been neglecting Youtube so we’re going to try to get that sorted and plan out things for the month of November before we heard first dive into Blogmas.

If you want to follow along with this challenge go read my introduction post here as well as all the prompts. Let’s get started!

Today’s prompt is: most obsessed over fandom.

I mean….

I don’t know guys…..

This one is hard….

The hardest one yet….

Very hard. I don’t know if I can answer. Truthfully. No clue. Nope. None. Didn’t know I’d get beaten on the last prompt. Well, that’s it everyone!

Till the next one!

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If you haven’t figured it out…… Star Wars. Obviously. I love Star Wars more than my own life. We know this.

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