Why I Opted Out of NaNoWriMo

Hello everyone! I’m back with a new post that is going to be maybe a long one. Probably going to get quite ranty. Maybe. We’ll…


Hello everyone! I’m back with a new post that is going to be maybe a long one. Probably going to get quite ranty. Maybe. We’ll see.

This is going to be mainly about why I decided to ultimately stay out of NaNoWriMo this year – because there was a long hard battle in my mind about if I should do it or not.

See my thoughts on why I stayed out of this year below!

For those who may not know (thought most people do), NaNoWriMo is short for National Novel Writing Month. It takes place on nanowrimo.org and it challenges you to write a novel (or work on one) in 30 days by getting to 50,000 words. They predict that if you can manage 1,677 words a day you can get to 50,000 by the end of the month (and even have helpful little diagrams to show you).

I first accomplished this feat in 2013 – somehow managing to be a senior in high school and writing 50,000 words of my first novel idea. I felt really, really accomplished and proud of what I managed to do. It gave me the feeling that wait – if I can finish this I might actually be able to do something with it.

Still haven’t finished it, by the way.

I entered in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018. If you go to my profile now you’ll see only 2 projects though. I’ve deleted the others and kept the winning one and the one from 2018 which was the same one from 2017 but updated with a cover.

This year (for now) I’ve decided to sit it out. And it’s simply because I have lost all motivation to continue on with those two other novels that I have going. I want to go back and finish them, but at this moment, I’m not feeling like it. If I try to write it, I’ll just be spitting out words in a document and it won’t make any sense.

My 2018 project, which is called Bonded, is my favorite out of the two. Its a romantic science fiction fantasy magical type book where two people of completely different classes are bonded through magic and now have to learn about each other. Very influenced by Star Wars and the Force and even some Harry Potter, since those are my two biggest inspirations. It’s difficult to write because I have to come up with names for things and I am not good at that. This one I need to sit down and outline so that I can actually finish it because right now it’s just romance but it needs like….. drama.

My 2013 project is called The Throne Murders and it’s a period romance. A ‘basic girl’ gets engaged to the prince and then the day after their wedding the king and queen are killed so their thrust into rule with very little guidance. I love that one as well and I’m pretty much halfway done with it, but I can’t find it in me to finish it. This is another one where I need to outline a lot of it and pretty much re-write a good chunk of it to get it where I want it to be.

I have no new ideas for anything that isn’t a fanfiction. So I don’t want to enter a new story and I feel weird re-entering something that I don’t have ideas to write about. So, this year, I decided to step back and just write fanfiction cause I can. No stress, no word count to meet, nothing. Just me and my Star Wars.

With all this being said, there is a point where I may still enter. I’d enter past the day where they predict that you ‘should’ be at 27k words and it would only be a fan fiction. Then the challenge will be ON.

I hope you enjoyed my reasoning and learning a little bit about what I have cooking in terms of novels. Eventually I’ll get around to finishing them but until then, I’m going to make Kylo Ren kiss my OC.

Update: at the time of now publishing this I decided to enter said fanfiction. I’m way ahead of schedule according to them but there is a chance I’ll forget about entering in NaNoWriMo and this will be for nothing. I’ll report back in The Monthly if I remember to finish.

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