Black Widow Trailer Thoughts

Hello everyone!! I am here (late) to talk about the Black Widow trailer. This is going to be semi emotional for me as most people…


Hello everyone!! I am here (late) to talk about the Black Widow trailer. This is going to be semi emotional for me as most people know how much I love Natasha. My baby finally has her movie and I am SO EXCITED to scream about it under the cut.

My apologies in this going up super late – I’m trying to get squared away again with working normal hours and life and such but in any event, let’s finally get started.

Before we begin, if you haven’t watched it yet please do so before you go on:

Watched it? Wiped your tears away? Good, cause I have a few things I want to say.

In college, studying film production and what not, my biggest thing was: I’m going to work for Marvel and finally make a Black Widow movie happen because it’s what she deserves. Realistically, I knew that wouldn’t happen because of timelines and no one gets that lucky. It was just the idea of seeing the most important female in the MCU and one of the most iconic female superheroes having her own solo movie that she deserved. If Wonder Woman did good, I knew that Black Widow would do just as good. People want more female lead action/superhero/fantasy movies.

Iron Man got a movie. Captain America got a movie. Thor got a movie. Hulk got a movie. Why not Black Widow? Why didn’t we get to see her origin? It was a ripoff to me and I just really wanted to see my favorite female superhero lead her own movie cause I knew that I was not alone in it.

Last year there was no formal announcement, just speculation that it had begun. When SDCC hit this year and I saw that logo, I cried. Because it was finally happening. After years and years of me mentally begging and publicly campaigning for Natasha to have her own movie, she got it.

When I saw the trailer aired, I cried more. It’s everything I could have wanted and more. While she isn’t quite back from the dead, this is exactly the thing that Natasha deserves.

She’s going back to dig into her past and finally abolish the organization that made her after the end of I believe Captain America: The Winter Soldier. I could be wrong on the timeline, I’m not exactly sure but I think its Age of Ultron. I’m going by hair length, for this one.

I don’t know much about the other characters since I never read any of her comics, but I’m excited to see what happens with them. The Russian accents are on point and I love them already. I also love to see a mainly female lead team taking the charge on this one.

I know this isn’t the usual format for me when I talk about a trailer but damn I am excited for this movie. It’s going to be very emotional for me to see Natasha on the screen again and I can’t wait to see more and finally see the movie.

If anyone else has any thoughts, do share them down below! See you tomorrow!

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