The Mandalorian: Chapters Six & Seven

Hello everyone! I hope everyone enjoyed Star Wars week last week. Once more those are all under the Star Wars tag above. Before I go…


Hello everyone! I hope everyone enjoyed Star Wars week last week. Once more those are all under the Star Wars tag above. Before I go on: I will be ranking every Star Wars movie and every Star Wars show at some point, probably in 2020 once I’ve seen The Rise of Skywalker at least one more time and finished Star Wars Rebels and Resistance on Disney+. We are not done with Star Wars on this blog here ever.

Today we have a two episode in one post deal, as I didn’t want to ruin the flow of the week. The released Chapter Seven early to have a preview for the movie in the extras and honestly, what a wait it’s been for the finale. But that will be elaborated on more below!

Before proceeding, read my spoiler warning here and proceed with caution.

We’ll start with Chapter Six. I had to watch it twice because I started watching it when I was making dinner, missed half of it because of that, and then started it back up again when I was eating.

This one is better than the last one. Chapter Five bored me but this one did as well, but it was more exciting.

From the moment we met that ‘crew’ he had to be working with I did not trust them at all. I knew they were up to no good and had zero trust in them from the start. I had a feeling they were all going to turn against him, and then even the person he hired to do the job tried to kill him but thankfully, the Mandalorian was one step ahead of him.

Also the human one faking to drop Baby Yoda and then actually dropping him…. he will die by my sword.

It was an exciting episode. There was lots of fighting and shoot ’em kind of stuff that you expect from this show and just Star Wars in general. However it doesn’t really make my top 3. It was exciting but just personally not entirely for me.

We see two fun little cameos at the end of this episode by Snap Wexley and Jessika – two pilots from Poe Dameron’s infamous Black Squadron in the Resistance.

Now moving onto Chapter Seven, easily one of the best episodes of the whole season for me. It beats out episode three and one which up until now were my favorite ones.

This one a lot of the characters get back together, like Cara and Kuill to help the Mandalorian go back and defeat the Imperial guy (I forgot his name and don’t have time to look it up, at the moment) once and for all.

Greef Karga was the one who sent out the transmission and was going to -two-time the Mandalorian, killing him and taking the child in for the bounty. But after he was attacked by some dragons the night before and saw Baby Yoda healing him with the force, he decided against it and they formed a plan.

I had anxiety this entire episode. I was on edge the entire time because since the next one is the finale, something bad had to happen at some point. It put me on edge.

And it did. Baby Yoda was captured by Imperial forces.

Despite the very well thought out plan by the Mandalorian and Karga. Baby Yoda was still captured and the episode ended upon seeing him getting swept up by a former Stormtrooper.

And now we wait till Friday for the rest.

Overall this show is absolutely fantastic but my god. If anything happens to Baby Yoda I’m going to burn down Lucasfilm.

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