The Monthly: January 2020

Hello everyone and welcome to our first ‘The Monthly’ of the New Year!! January was a fast month, and also probably the busiest month of…


Hello everyone and welcome to our first ‘The Monthly’ of the New Year!! January was a fast month, and also probably the busiest month of my whole year, honestly.

I can’t believe I also managed to do these for a full year AND that people have been reading them (I think). So thank you for reading and thanks to myself for actually continuing to write.

Anyways, let’s get on with my month.


Besides the most obvious thing (the Superbowl – that will be a later paragraph in this segment – January was just crazy insanity in so many ways besides just that.

I run in the New Year in Boston with my best of friends, after a night of boozy milkshakes and Super Smash Brothers. We stayed awake until maybe 3am before we all passed out and explored the city a bit the next day before ultimately going our separate ways again for another year.

Then I went back and started working again, but this time full-time. So that is exciting! Besides that, the highlight of my month has really just been working with Fox on the Superbowl.

It’s the most insane thing I’ll probably ever do in my life. I knew it was going to be intense but it just got more and more intense and surpassed my expectations of intensity almost every single day. I worked on a team that did more logistic things than actual production – which I totally didn’t mind at all. It required organization and thinking which are two things that I like to think I am good at.

Words can not describe how thankful and grateful I am that I got selected for this and that I get to go to the Superbowl – even though my beloved Patriots didn’t make it, I’m still excited.


Once more, we all know this section. This is the section for Nerd News within my fandoms and I am even going to put in here stuff that I have been getting into.

I’ll start off by saying my love of Star Wars Rebels exploded in January as I got through almost the rest of the show. I still have one season left and I’m just about done with it but I need to find the time to actually sit and watch it.

We got the Clone Wars season 7 trailer which was naturally all kinds of fun and excitement – it makes me excited!

But besides Star Wars if anything else has happened I missed it because I’ve been so damn busy – so let me know down in the comments what I’ve missed.

Monthly Obsession

This is our new section to replace gaming and it’s going to be called ‘Monthly Obsession’ unless I think of something more creative. I think right now you get the jist – this is my monthly obsessions. What I’m watching, listening to, etc.

January in music was the month of Rare by Selena Gomez. I’ve listened to the whole damn thing on repeat a few times and man it just gets better every time. I think besides the title song Rare my favorite is Vulnerable.

Along with Selena releasing a new album Demi Lovato came back from her 2 year music hiatus and made me cry with her new song that has also been on repeat, along with Harry Styles’ album Fine Line which I also haven’t stopped listening to.

I haven’t had the time to watch anything really but what I am watching currently is Narcos on Netflix and then Rebels on Disney+. I’m on the last season for both of these shows and when I get a day off (next weekend, finally) I’ll be sitting there watching these two shows so I can catch up on season 2 of Sabrina on Netflix and then watch season 3.

I hope everyone else had lovely months and that they weren’t terrible or crazy – lets all continue to kick butt in the New Year!

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