The Monthly: February 2020

….. hi. This post is very late, and very very much going to be a mess because for some reason, I forgot that today was…


….. hi. This post is very late, and very very much going to be a mess because for some reason, I forgot that today was the first of the month. My days are starting to blur together and thank goodness I came on to check to write something else or I would have forgotten about this.

That’s just how life be sometimes. You forget the day of the week, the month, etc.


Yesterday was the start of work crazy time aka Alyssa is going to go out of her mind time.

I think the biggest thing I did this month was invest in an annual pass to Disney. Florida residents can pay monthly and we have a few other tiers we can pick from that are actually like, not to bank breaking. Thank you, Florida residency.

I tossed back and forth for a while if I was going to do it, and I finally decided that the benefits are just to good, plus I can get my family in at a discount as long as I’m with them.

Catch me using that thing once a month to get my money’s worth. Hello day trips!

I have been having a hard time with writing here lately. I don’t know what it is – I have stuff in the drafts and I just forget about them. It bugs me that I keep forgetting about them but it also doesn’t bug me because I know if I push myself to write then I won’t be happy and I’ll start to hate it. I think it also comes down to just remembering to actually write and finding time when I’m not tired to do so.


I finished Rebels and holy balls I need a new season. How dare they leave it off there?? I’m going to be reviewing this (hopefully) this week if I can get myself to write the post.

I’ve started Twitch streaming again regularly. I love it and I am having so much fun so be sure to follow me on Twitch if you haven’t. I have some cute little BB-8 emotes coming soon for everyone to use if they are a subscriber.

Besides that I haven’t really watched anything else. I did go see Birds of Prey and I am still eagerly awaiting Wonder Woman and Black Widow.

Monthly Obsession

I haven’t been overly obsessed with anything else really this month. I’ve been listening to the Birds of Prey soundtrack on repeat and doing a lot of fic writing over on my tumblr.

Besides that I’ve been obsessed lately with finishing Pokemon Sword. I actually completed the game yesterday morning on stream and now I am back to just trying to complete my Pokedex.

Well, that ought to do it. I know it’s short and rushed, but I also didn’t get up to much in the month of February. It was a lot of getting ready for work crazy time.

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