The Monthly: March 2020

Welcome to the disaster train, friends. We’re finally here. It’s been a while. I have never once missed a Monthly and this wasn’t about to…


Welcome to the disaster train, friends. We’re finally here. It’s been a while. I have never once missed a Monthly and this wasn’t about to be my first time. Sure, it’s late, but it’s here, isn’t it?

On a real one, obviously this past month has not been nice to the world. Everything is falling apart right when we all need it to stay together. We’re trapped in our houses and losing our minds.

Unless you’re me and you have to go to work still. Kinda.

But that’s beside the point. I’m back and I will explain what’s been going on with me down below.


Life gave all of us a big ‘fuck you’ this month, now didn’t it? I took a whole ass month long break from blogging and that wasn’t even my intention. I have stuff in my drafts that I’ve put some words on, but nothing ever made it to the surface. Eventually those will make it to the surface but for now, they can stay where they are.

I can comfortably say that every day since the last week of the month I have had a mental breakdown in some form. Many anxiety attacks have happened in the breakroom and in my bed at night and actually finally last week I broke and went into near full-on meltdown mode at my desk at work.

I am not proud of that, and have apologized profusely for it for some god damn reason even though it’s not my fault at all. It’s just – I had barely paid my school loan the past week, knew I was only getting half a check and somehow had to figure out how to pay half my rent.

And I was the only one doing a lot of stuff. That didn’t help either.

With everything going on it’s been hard to get creative and thank fuck for Animal Crossing cause that’s helped a lot of us take our minds off of the world. But writing in all forms has been very difficult and I hate it. I’ll go on a spree with fic writing and then fall off the face of the Earth for weeks until I feel like posting.

Maybe this period will help me work on that.

Also besides that in site-news we have moved hosts because there was no way in hell I was going to pay 3x the amount I originally paid. Nope. So we have moved.


Can Animal Crossing count in this? Cause that’s all that I have been doing. I have been streaming Animal Crossing over on Twitch almost any chance I get so long as I am not working.

I watched that Tiger King documentary on Netflix the past two days…. and holy shit was that interesting. I mean, the guy Joe is obviously batshit crazy but my god is there so much more. Like, there has to be more to it.

She like, definitely killed her husband. How does he just go missing? But all his shit is still in the car? It doesn’t make sense.

Monthly Obsession

I actually have two things for this one: I Love Me by Demi Lovato and Break Up Song by Little Mix. Holy fucking shit are these two good. Take a listen to the both of them below and thank me later.

Other than those two songs I’ve pretty much been playing on repeat, I have just been literally playing Animal Crossing every day. And that has been my life.

I hope everyone is staying safe out there and is trying to be happy. We can all get through this together.

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