Star Wars Rebels Show Review

As a follow up to my Clone Wars show review (before season 7) that I did back in January, I promised that I would review…


As a follow up to my Clone Wars show review (before season 7) that I did back in January, I promised that I would review Rebels when I finished it. I finished it a while ago and I’m finally feeling better about writing so here I am reviewing Rebels.

Star Wars Rebels follows the story of this group of 6 individuals who were, in my opinion, the start of the rebellion in parts of the galaxy. It takes place before any of the original trilogy but years after the end of the prequels and the Clone Wars.

Before proceeding, read my spoiler warning here and proceed with caution.

Rebels took me a while to like. At first I wasn’t really into it because I couldn’t/can’t get myself to really like/love Ezra – one of the main characters of the whole show.

Ezra is a little shit 15 year old who tries to steal from the gang of the Ghost and Kanan Jarrus (who is a Jedi) is impressed with him and invites him to join the crew.

It’s a rough start at first but they soon discover that Ezra is actually also force-sensitive as the Jedi holocron calls to him. Kanan decides then and there to start training him, of course though with difficulty as Ezra is a stubborn teenager who wants to do things his way and not the way that Kanan wishes to teach him.

I feel like for me everything picked up after the end of season two – and speaking of the end of season two I fucking sobbed. It was like BING BANG BOOM EMOTIONS. At the end of season 2 Ahsoka fights Darth Vader (Anakin Skywalker) aka her former master and that just really fucked me up that I had to put the show in time out for a few weeks to recover.

After that shit started getting serious and it all picked up. The Rebel Alliance started to be a thing that was involved more and there was even an episode where Leia made an appearance and for those of you who don’t know Leia Organa is my wife. So I cried a lot during that episode.

Vader goes away after this for the most part, we don’t really see him after he fights Ahsoka. It starts to focus more on the rebels which, you know, is the name of the show so good. Each character got their own story and arch at some point which makes me really happy – it didn’t focus on just Ezra learning to be a Jedi but it focused on Sabine and Mandalore, Zeb and his people, Kanan and Herra, etc.

I cried when Kanan died, because he had just done through so much bullshit to get Herra back and they finally fucking admitted they loved each other and they done went and killed him.

And then everything else just totally got SOOO amped up and we went to the World Between Worlds – god the end of the show was just INTENSE. We got Ahsoka back thanks to Ezra and together they actually stopped Palpatine from doing something terrible.

It shows you how far Ezra came from being the annoying little shitty teenager in season one to being a Jedi with just about as much common sense as Jedi normally have. He made this whole plan to help free Lothal (his home planet) from Empire control and pretty much risked his own life for it.

The show ends with Sabine and Ahsoka leaving to try and find Ezra after the fall of the Empire and the Battle of Endor. I think they need to make a TV movie of this show – them going to find Ezra is a perfect opportunity for such a thing because he gave Sabine literally a hint that he was probably going to live through what he chose to do.

Once I got past season one and part of season 2 I was hooked. Rebels was absolutely fantastic and holy shit the lore was incredible! I don’t want to totally give it all away but the holocron thing is explained more in this show and gives a background and also Loth Wolves….. you need to watch this show.

If you’re a Star Wars fan that is all about the lore and just wanting to know as much as possible, than you need to watch this show. It’s absolutely incredible and enjoyable for everyone! Even though it caused me a lot of fucking pain seeing Ahsoka and Vader fight

I hope everyone enjoyed this and let me know if you have seen Rebels down below and leave your thoughts on it below! See you next time!

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