The Monthly: April 2020

At least this one is only one day late, yeah? I forgot to begin writing it even though I was literally looking at the post…


At least this one is only one day late, yeah? I forgot to begin writing it even though I was literally looking at the post the other day. We’re going to try to be better this month – though last month was better than March.

In some exciting news on Monday, May 4th you will not only get a new post from me but my piece for the Characters that Define Us comes out! I’m so excited for you to see it because I poured a lot of my heart into it – I’m so excited! Be sure to go check it out on Normal Happenings when it comes out.

We’re gonna get a little deep in this one with how I’ve been feeling and then all the usual goodness of our Monthly updates.


The month was a blur, honestly. I was feeling pretty alright until about mid-way through the month, honestly. The past two weeks have just been anxiety through the roof at some realizations that I didn’t want to think about or make. After working so hard it’s just not what I want to end up doing.

So with all that and no sense of normalcy returning soon mental health has been kinda shitty, not gonna lie. One other random thing that I have been trying to do is make my hair healthy again (random girly thing that no one cares about) – but it’s not easy.

I need a haircut and a professional color and fast – by fast I mean when it is safe to do so. It shows up on the right side as the dark brown I want but on the other side it’s a blue black, so I think I might just do all over blue black just to get it over with and have it at least all be the same color.

Fan Culture

Nothing’s come out because the world is shut down. I don’t want to talk to much about Clone Wars season 7 because I am going to do a full post on it sometime after the finale next week.

Monthly Obsession

Tik Tok. Oh my lord I am obsessed with Tik Tok I swear since I have made my account I have posted at least one or two a day. If anyone wants to follow me my username is @alyssamichelle719 and I actually made a Star Wars OC to post there!!

Her name is Luna Rei and she was a former Jedi under Luke’s training but left because she didn’t agree with their ways. She is now a bounty hunter on the run from the First Order for various crimes – including being a Jedi. Her lightsaber is nonexistent right now (check back in a few weeks) but she is a boat load of sarcastic fun over there.

And thats about all I got! Stay tuned for Monday’s post!

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