My Trip to Batuu

Hello everyone! This post is absolutely 100% long overdue but I am finally going to talk about my trip to Batuu back in March –…


Hello everyone! This post is absolutely 100% long overdue but I am finally going to talk about my trip to Batuu back in March – before lockdown started when it was still semi safe to go to Disney. I invested in an annual pass solely for the purpose of going to Galaxy’s Edge whenever I wanted. And this one day alone it pretty much paid for itself.

I drove to a friend’s house 2 hours away from me and stayed with her and we both went in together the next morning, waking up at the buttcrack of dawn to get there as early as possible to get on Rise of the Resistance.

Read on more below to see pictures and all the fun of my first time in Batuu!

We got to Hollywood Studios at 6am. My above selfie was taken that early (rip to my pink hair :/), I promise. We had to go to the ticketing booth for my friend to get her pass and then it was waiting in line for an hour before they let us in, running to the entrance of Galaxy’s Edge, and waiting another hour.

When it struck 8:00 they gave us all a chance to get our boarding passes for Rise of the Resistance before they literally herded us into the area like cattle and took us straight to Smuggler’s Run (which is where they all safely assumed we were headed anyway). I’m actually going to talk about the rides first, because that will be easier.

My friend and I were assigned the position of Pilots – which was for SURE a mistake. We crashed the Falcon 3 times on the whole ride before we got the hang of it. Hondo from Clone Wars and Rebels is the pirate who narrates the whole ride which I thought was so fun since he’s a fun character.

It was a very very fun ride and for sure worth the wait if you like rides or are just a Star Wars maniac like I am. It was worth getting up early for, that’s for sure. It’s interactive, you are literally doing the things that Hondo tells you and if you don’t do them it affects the way the ride turns out. It’s absolutely incredible as well to be seated in the cockpit of the Millenium Falcon.

I don’t have many pictures of the queue for this since we pretty much walked on – so the 3 that I have will have to do.

Rise of the Resistance is unlike any other ride in Disney to me. The boarding process was the best way they could go about it in my opinion – we got on at about maybe 11ish? I can’t completely remember. The queue makes you feel like you are in their base with them just like in the Force Awakens and its incredible.

Then you get on the actual ride and everything changes, a whole new feel and everything. You get intercepted by the First Order and taken prisoner (hence the stormtroopers) and you are treated like absolute garbage by the cast members to make it feel all more real.

Obviously then you’re broken out and I didn’t take any pictures on the actual ride but I’m sure you can find some on Google if you wanna actually see it for yourself. It was incredible and so so much fun.

The actual world of Batuu itself is just amazing. For those who don’t know, Batuu is an outer-rim trading post that is, in this timeline, home to a secret Rebel base. All walks of life flock to the planet to buy goods from all over the galaxy.

You walk into the land and you immediately feel immersed into the Star Wars universe. It’s all a brand new world but it also feels just so Star Wars – literally like you were transported to a galaxy far, far away.

Everything was so old and rustic looking yet out of this world – between the droid heads and parts laying around and the unique architecture of the marketplace it truly was an experience that I will never forget.

Yes, I cried a little bit. So what?

And yes, the blue milk was absolutely to die for and you can get the green milk with tequila. But we wanted the blue milk so we passed on it but next time man – we getting that green milk spiked.

The character experience was amazing. We never saw Rey unfortunately because we went to a few different parks all in one day, but we did see Stormtroopers literally everywhere (and started referring to them as Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dumb).

And of course, Kylo Ren. We followed him around for a solid 20 minutes and then on our way out we found Chewbacca and Vi Moradi, and we got pictures with them. My friend was wearing a Knight of Ren shirt and it threw Chewie off but we showed him our Resistance tattoos and told him that we were spies and all was good. Vi even complimented my ‘disguise’ (the pink hair) and we all became best buddies after we told them we were with the Resistance.

All in all it was an amazing experience, but one that I definitely need to go back to. I didn’t get to go into the cantina, build a lightsaber or a droid – the trip was last minute and unplanned as it gets. Next time I go I’m bringing a chunk of change with me and I am building a lightsaber. Gotta build one at least once.

I hope you all enjoyed this post and may the force be with you!

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  1. You didn’t specify – Anaheim location or Florida location? Having been to the Anaheim one myself, was curious. (Also – so glad I’m not the only one that’s crashed the Falcon as a pilot. My wife and I actually felt BAD after!)

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