The Monthly: May 2020

Hello everyone. It didn’t sit right with me to make a post about my month last week when our attention needed to be focused elsewhere….


Hello everyone. It didn’t sit right with me to make a post about my month last week when our attention needed to be focused elsewhere. And while the movement is nowhere near done, I encourage you all to do your research on what is going on in the world.

Don’t just watch the news and think you know it all. Seek out other information from Twitter – where there are live counts and tweets from people at protests. Please, seek information outside of the media.


This past month I finally met with a doctor to get back on my meds for anxiety and depression. We had a 45 minute long Facetime appointment where we talked about a lot of different things, including habits of mine that I just thought were literally habits I developed overtime.

Turns out some of those habits are a product of ADD and OCD, which he diagnosed me with. It’s been eye opening and I talked about it on Youtube recently.

The meds are helping me feel more myself and feel better – I’m even looking into ‘finding myself’ spiritually if that makes sense. But that will be a whole separate post at some point – I need to build the confidence up in myself to talk about that publicly and not just my friend who’s guiding me.

Besides that, life is returning to semi-normalcy. Now that I mentally feel better kind of it’s time to get back into working out every morning and eating semi-healthier than before. We’ll see how that goes.

Fan Culture

I bought a lightsaber. Worth every penny – it makes me incredibly happy and I feel bad-ass.

I’m going to start learning how to wield it and do tricks with it (outside, because my room is way to small for that).

Black Widow was supposed to come out in May. I am still sad about it. But I binged all of Lucifer this past month and developed an obsession with Tik Tok.

Monthly Obsession

I’m back on my Animal Crossing shit. I’m at a 4 star island right now and trying to get it to that blessed 5 stars. Everytime I think I’ve satisfied Isabelle in one way she comes back at me and everything changes.

First it’s more fencing, then it’s more items, then it’s more fencing again, and then I have to many things cluttering up my island. It’s a never ending cycle with her, man.

Will I ever get a 5 star island? Who knows. I’m also trying to find all of my ‘dreamies’ aka dream villagers, so that will also be fun.

And that’s about all I got for this month! Till next time!

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