Descendants Trilogy

Descendants is a story about 4 teenagers who are the children of some of your favorite Disney villains and their journey towards good.


Hello everyone! I’m back with another post and this time I’m going to be talking about something a little different than the last time.

Now I may be too old to have watched these, but my curiosity got the better of me with this and I decided to sit down and watch the whole Descendants Trilogy on Disney+ the other day. These are TV movies so they were relatively short and of course, being a Disney movie, there was music.

I didn’t know how much I would like them, but they actually kind of surprised me. I’m going to pair each little ‘section’ with a song from each movie that I just love – there’s so many to choose from but these are the ones that I have had on repeat.

Before proceeding, read my spoiler warning here and proceed with caution.

So these movies were actually really good. The music was good and got stuck in your head, the story was interesting and the acting was amazing. Of course, it feels like a Disney movie and there are some times where you can tell the movie was made for kids (talking dog, anyone?) but for the most part it does suit all ages, especially with the theme of just being yourself is the best thing you can do.

The Descendants is centered around the children of Maleficent, Evil Queen, Jafar and Cruella de Ville whose names are Mal, Evie, Jay and Carlos (ordered by their parents from above). The story goes that once Beast took his place as King and married Belle, he banished all villains and evil to the Isle of the Lost just outside the kingdom of Auradon.

Ben, the son of Beast and Belle, is going to be crowned King shortly and decides that he wants to give the children of villains a chance to go to Auradon Prep and live out normal, good lives.

Guess which kids get picked to go?

Maleficent takes this as an opportunity to try to manipulate her daughter Mal into stealing the Fairy Godmother’s wand so she can break out of the Isle and reign terror over the kingdom. And you know, she almost does it but decides last minute it’s not what she wants and instead turns her into a lizard.

What changes? Mal falls in love with Ben and decides that doing her mother’s bidding is not what she actually wants – and for the first time she actually decides to do what she wants. And she wants to go to school and be with Ben.

The other kids want to stay as well. Jay gets onto their ‘football’ team of sorts, Carlos befriends the campus dog and Evie finds her own love and is living her dream of designing and making clothes for people.

They all live happily ever after, right?

Mal discovers that life as the girlfriend of the King isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. She’s under pressure all the time to be a perfect little angel and comes to the conclusion that she is not that person and decides to leave and go back to the Isle to be bad again.

Except when she gets back she discovers that Uma, the daughter of Ursula, has taken her crown as Queen of the Isle. The two do a good job at staying away from each other at first until Ben gets kidnapped on the Isle after he accompanies Evie, Jay and Carlos back in an attempt to bring Mal back.

Long story short on that one they get him back (with the help of Mulan’s daughter, Lonnie) just in time for a big dance in which Mal is going to be Ben’s date and spend the night with him before she decides if she is going to go back to the Isle or not.

But everybody is shocked when Ben appears with Uma at the dance, right after Mal’s grand entrance. She’s absolutely devastated and heartbroken but soon realizes that he must be under a love spell once Jane (Fairy Godmother’s daughter and Carlos’ lady love) reveals a piece of art that he had commissioned. It showcases Mal in her beautiful purple hair and clothes, proving to her that Ben loves her for her.

Mal manages to break the spell with true love’s kiss, and Uma goes batshit in the water and becomes Ursula 2.0 essentially. They’re all at a loss with how to deal with it, until Mal discovers that like her mother she is able to transform into a dragon.

Eventually Uma is defeated and flees off into the sea, and Mal and Ben are finally together again and everyone is happy.

This one was the best out of all of them for me. And it was bittersweet for me because I knew it was going to be the last one. But let’s get to it. In Descendants 3, Mal and Ben get engaged right at the beginning of the movie after announcing that they’re going to pick 4 new kids from the Isle to go to the school and live with them.

Audrey, who was Ben’s girlfriend in the first movie until he said that he had a crush on Mal in front of literally everyone, is absolutely furious of course. It had been set up all her life that she was going to be Queen and marry Ben. So she decides that if people want a villain for a Queen that she will become one.

She starts with putting everybody to sleep, turning some people to stone, and cursing Mal into an old woman and turning Ben into a beast. In order for Mal to get back to normal, they need one thing: an ember from Hades. Lucky for Mal, he happens to be her father and reluctantly gives it over to her for her to heal herself.

While Mal, Evie, Carlos and Jay are on their way out of the Isle, Harry (son of Hook) and Gil (son of Gaston and a little dumb) sneak out behind them and they are reunited with Uma. They all decide to attempt to work together to find Audrey and put an end to her madness.

But things fall apart for Mal when Ben drops a bomb. Earlier in the movie, Hades almost escaped the Isle. This resulted in a conversation between Ben, his parents, Mal and the Fairy Godmother about what to do and they all voted that they think it would be best to keep the Isle closed forever – no more going in or out. When her friends find this out, they feel betrayed and heartbroken – and just as Mal is about to try to redeem herself Audrey turns them all to stone. Uma and Harry manage to leave before this happens and with her help, Mal is able to transform to a dragon and be strong enough to defeat Audrey.

But Audrey is slipping away – Mal has the ember of Hades but she can only do so much with it, and if they want to save Audrey they have to make a choice: to let Hades come to Auradon and heal her himself. Everybody thinks its a bad idea but Mal tells them that he’ll be okay, and will do it for her because she’s his daughter.

He ends up showing up (unwillingly) and helping Audrey before being sent back to the Isle. The movie ends with Ben and Mal opening up the bridge to the Isle for good – saying that the only way to move forward is to come together.

All three movies are absolutely spectacular, but I feel that the third one really shines through because it shows that even though you have good in your heart, you can still be bad and vice versa (which Mal and the rest of the kids have been proving for the other 2 movies, but you know).

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