The Monthly: June & July 2020

Hello everyone! As you may have noticed I missed June’s The Monthly – I decided that I was going to combine two months as a…


Hello everyone! As you may have noticed I missed June’s The Monthly – I decided that I was going to combine two months as a make up. I do have a valid reason for it which you will just have to read on to see, though.


These past two months… let me tell you – they were a doozy. June and July were the months when sports started to come back to TV and since I work with sports, I was insanely busy.

There were many 3am nights these past 2 months (even a 4am recently) and every one of us was pushed to exhaustion – probably past it. But the worst of it is over so hopefully things can get back to ‘normal’. I needed to take my free time that I had this month to just relax and recover from work to make sure I didn’t exhaust myself any further.

My birthday was in July so now I am 25. Besides that there is nothing else – other than the fact that me and my friend are the psychos who are gonna go to Disney’s Food and Wine festival later this month. We know, we know. We are dumb. But we’re paying for annual passes, might as well just go and exercise caution.

Fan Culture

This month, besides my returned anime obsession as stated below, I also dove into Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order and Battlefront, as well as Kingdom Hearts 3.

I completed Fallen Order within 2 weeks because I super fixated on it and became absolutely obsessed. It was such a good game, 10/10 absolutely would recommend this game if you like Star Wars. It’s very unique in its own way and was even fun for a moron like me.

I am sad to say that I have not watched Umbrella Academy season 2 yet, but I will probably get to it once I finish Fruits Basket season 2 on Crunchyroll.

Speaking of which….

Monthly Obsession

I’m back on my weeb shit, y’all. I dove back into the world of anime at the end of July after everything calmed back down and let me tell you…..

I have some reviews coming because I have watched so much. I’m gonna talk about Eden of the East (the main show) cause I watched that with my friend in one day flat and then I’m gonna ramble about Attack on Titan season 3.

I am in the process of watching Fruits Basket (2019 version) and am on season 2 and oh my god I am obsessed with this show. I have a full list of stuff in my notes on my phone and on my watch lists everywhere that I wanna watch in terms of anime which is good for anyone who still actually reads my blog, cause it means there will be more content.

That’s about all I got for this post. Sorry this is still late, life is just busy as heck and I am trying to work on prioritizing things that I enjoy while work and life.

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