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Birds of Prey is the Epitome of Female Badassery

Hello everyone! I took an unintentional break but I am back with another post finally about the first movie that I am excited about for the year.

Everyone who knows me knows that I don’t like DC really – not my thing. Besides the females. The females of the DCU are some of my favorite characters ever.

I went to go see Birds of Prey this weekend and let me tell you, it was absolutely everything I wanted it to be and more.

Before proceeding, read my spoiler warning here and proceed with caution.

Ignore everything you see the angry 40 year old men ranting about on the internet about this movie because let me tell you it was fucking awesome. I immediately went home and downloaded the whole soundtrack to my phone because that was what helped sell the movie for me.

Margot Robbie obviously is the star of the show in this. She was a producer of the film and fought for the movie to be what it is right now.

A movie just full of females being bad-asses, trying to take down a spoiled male brat who thinks the world owes him everything he wants. Harley Quinn leads the Birds of Prey into ‘battle’ at the end of the film to try to get rid of this man once and for all, who has been terrorizing their lives in different ways for years.

But first Harley has to grow up. She was always safe under the protection of the Joker, but since they were no longer together, she had to learn how to fend for herself, and I’m not just talking about living on her own. People are trying to kill her left and right now, for various reasons and she has to now live with that.

And I think bits of that are my favorite part of the movie. Seeing things like her trying to cope, blowing up where she became who she is now, cooking, shopping, etc. Its just semi-normalcy in a world that is chaos around her because she is the embodiment of chaos.

I’d recommend this movie. It’s fun, funny, and just plain old great to see females taking over the comic book movie scene.

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    Birds of Prey was so good!

    March 3, 2020 at 9:13 pm
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