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The Monthly – August 2017

Hi, everybody! It’s been a really crazy month for me – crunch time to get back to school and Boston Comic Con! I apologize that this is slightly late – the date on the post says September 1st but I’m actually finishing this on September 2nd. This monthly will be slightly different than others, there won’t be any sections like normal and I’m just gonna talk. Without further ado -let’s move on!

August was extremely quick. I know I’m pretty sure that I’ve said that every other month but this one was really, really quick. It was my last month at home before starting my senior year of college – which I started at the end of the month. I spent a lot of time this month trying to better myself and my mental being before going back to school. My personal goal this year is to get all A’s for both semesters since I’ve never gotten all A’s in my life. Ever.

What else happened? Boston Comic Con! I’ll just conveniently link you all 4 of my videos from comic con – including the infamous John Barrowman Panel.



Other than that, it was a dull month. Honestly, it was a lot of school packing and prepping for a lot of the month so I didn’t do much. I watched the Defenders, but that’s yet another post that I’m trying to find the motivation to write. It will come eventually!

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