If there is one thing that I absolutely hate, it’s trying to describe myself. Seriously, I hate it. I can never think of the right things to say and sometimes whenever I say things it makes me feel like i’m gloating or like i’m extremely conceited when that really isn’t the case at all. I probably have the worst self-esteem on the planet. But since this is an about page, I probably should get on to talking about myself.

My name is Alyssa Michelle. I am a 23 year Film Studies and Television/Digital Video student in the area of Boston, Massachusetts. I’m not special or anything, I’m not in an honor society or anything, I’ve only made Dean’s List once and I’ve failed college level statistics.

In my free time (which I don’t have much of) I run a daily vlogging channel, which you can go to here btw, and I like to play on photoshop and make things. When i’m not getting able to do all that I help out around my campus on any sort of short films that people are doing, I try to get as involved as possible with volunteering at events where I can talk about what I love, and running my nerd club on campus where I am the President.

I’m to obsessed with Marvel and Supernatural and I love my dogs to much. I’m also way to opinionated, which is why i started MissAlyssaMichelle in 2014, that way I can have a place to share my opinions or pretty much ramble. I used to say about the site “advice for college students blah blah blah” but lets be honest, I don’t give to much advice anymore. I try to do it here and there, but now I’ve basically transformed myself into this person who wants to use their space to talk about whatever the hell they want, and I mean whatever I want.

MissAlyssaMichelle was my space. I loved it and it was my baby, but I grew tired of the name. I decided that I would switch over to something more me that I love, and now here you are on the Nerd Side of Life. So kick back, grab a drink and some fish fingers & custard and enjoy the ride.