The Monthly: February 2019

Hey everyone! Another month has flown by and I hope it was an exciting month for you and it brought you amazing things! As always, February flew by because it was so short and I felt like I was just writing the January monthly a few days ago.

This month brought me some fun things, some small changes, and more. Read on to find out more.

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Pokemon Sword and Shield Reveal!

Hey everyone! Another quick blog post as I’m on my lunch break at work and have an hour to try and get my thoughts together.

Yesterday we found out that there was going to a Nintendo Direct this morning at 9am. Yes, early, but thankfully I was up and eating my breakfast before going into work (where I am now, writing this on my break).

I was hoping for something else, but honestly, I am not mad at all. I’m actually excited. But I still want what I was originally hoping for.

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After The Awards: The Oscars

Hello everyone! Apologies for my absence lately, but things have gotten quite busy in my life so its hard to be able to sit down, write, and not fall asleep on the keyboard. But here I am now – and I am going to say some bits about the Oscars that I was happy with (which for once was actually a good majority) and some things that I disagree with.

Do keep in mind that these are just strictly opinion and are no way meant to be taken seriously. And that if you have a problem with an opinion, then kindly just go away.

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Jessica Jones and The Punisher Cancelled

Well, they finally did it. We knew it was coming.

Jessica Jones and the Punisher have officially been cancelled by Netflix.

It comes as no surprise to at least me, and probably everyone else too. After the (arguably) best Marvel Netflix show got cancelled, Daredevil, it was only a matter of time before the rest of them went as well.

Rather than me complaining about them being cancelled like I usually do, we’re gonna do partially that, complain about Marvel TV’s vague letter about the future of the shows, then theorize of what is going to happen next.

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Favorite Fandom Couples

Hello everyone! In honor of Valentine’s Day I thought I was write a little blurb about my favorite couples in fandom. There’s a lot of them and this is probably the better idea than me writing about coping without my boyfriend here with me (the answer is easy: I’m so busy at work that it distracts me). This is essentially going to be my top ships of all time, but I feel like Favorite Fandom Couples has a nice ring to it.

I don’t know. I’m rushing.

So, here we are. It’s 1:00pm on Valentine’s Day, I’m on my lunch break, and I want to get this post out by the time my break is over. Let’s do this!

Warning: there’s a lot of gay.

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