BLOGMAS: Christmas Favorites

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate! At the time this post goes up I’ll be probably sitting on the couch watching Youtube or playing on my Switch before it’s time to feast.

Christmas is my favorite holiday! My mom hates it and a lot of other people don’t like it either, but I just ignore that and let myself love it.

Everyone has their reasons for why they love it, especially the Internet because we just go crazy for the holiday season. Read on below to see why I love Christmas.

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BLOGMAS: Christmas Traditions

Christmas is TOMORROW! I know it’s my favorite Holiday, and it will be explained why in tomorrow’s post. It’s also everyone else’s favorite holiday for a number of other reasons like traditions.

Some families are really, really big on tradition and others kind of just go with the flow.

In today’s post I’m going to share a couple things that my family does every year or used to do and then you can share yours in the comments! Let’s spread some cheer!

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BLOGMAS: Is Die Hard a Christmas Movie?

Well, it took me 23 years but I finally watched Die Hard last week.

Every so often my boss sends out an email with a question to everyone and we can answer it and argue over who’s right and who’s wrong. Last week’s was about if Die Hard was a Christmas Movie or not – I mentioned I had never seen it and the next day it was on my desk waiting for me to bring it home.

This raises the question – what makes Die Hard a Christmas movie?

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BLOGMAS: Preparing Your Social Anxiety for a Holiday

Holidays are such a fun time of the year for many. You get to eat your heart out, see family and friends that you may not see all the time, and so much more. It’s a good time to get together and of course, are invited to parties.

If you have bad social anxiety, like myself, then this can be the most daunting time of the year. Socializing, small talk….. not bailing out on plans you agreed on. It something that a lot of people know well and need to figure out a way to deal with.

Read on below to see some tricks that have worked for me – and to let me vent.

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BLOGMAS: Trying to be More Social

So this post was going to be something different – “My First Game Night OUT” was the original title. I RSVPed to a game night that is on my route home from work and starts about an hour after my shift ends.

But then I looked at the weather and Fort Lauderdale is set to receive a lot of severe weather. So I said fuck that and changed the post the day before to something that is still the same but not restricting me to actually going. Cause screw going out in severe weather if I don’t have too. (cause I’m writing this a couple hours before actually going for it to publish on Friday).

But still, I am trying to get out and be more social – make some more friends who have the same interests as I do. Which is tough because on all these “meet people” apps like the FRIENDSHIP SECTION of Bumble (in caps so my real life friends don’t freak out) people my age are still all about and going to party and I am absolutely not the party type.

But I think I found some!

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