BLOGMAS: Quick Gifts for the Geek in Your Life

You know, I ALMOST didn’t write this post – because everyone else has done the same thing. But you know what, something I come up with might be different than others.

When I say quick, I mean these gifts are quick. No like ‘quick but you still have to hunt to find it’ – I mean like go to CVS or the mall and you will find these.

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BLOGMAS REVIEW: Lego Harry Potter on the Switch!

Hello everyone! We have a game review coming to you! It might be a short and sweet review because the LEGO games are classics and we all know and love them.

But I’ve never played one! I have LEGO Hobbit for my Nintendo DS and I’ve played it for a little bit – but I saw that Harry Potter LEGO was coming out on the Switch and I managed to score it on Black Friday for 50% off – instead of costing $50 it cost me $25.

Yes, it was originally $50 but its for ALL 8 GAMES! I’ve only just completed the first year and i’m pretty sure I bombed it and barely scraped by, but I think you can go back to get a better rating.

Read on below to see my first impression on the game.

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BLOGMAS: So I’m Attempting a Novel…

In an attempt to save Blogmas so so close to the end, here I am going to ramble about the fact that i’m trying to write a book. 

What else is new? I have two books I’ve been working on for a couple of years, one more further along than the other and they both are stuck at the same-ish place. 

Well, sorta. 

Apologies in this post being so late – check my Twitter for the explanation.

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Hello and we’re back with yes another WhoReview! After this there is only one more left in the series for me to review and talk about until New Years when the special premieres.

This one was intriguing because it challenged all of Team TARDIS in different ways. Not as much as the next episode, but still this episode was pretty damn good. 

Sorry this is late, I got a tad lazy with actually finishing it up. 

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