BLOGMAS: Super Smash Brothers Ultimate First Impression

We all knew this was coming, right? If not from me than from literally every other blogger you probably follow. Why? BECAUSE WE BEEN WAITING A WHILE, OKAY?

Super Smash Brothers Brawl was literally my childhood. My brothers and I would play this for hours and while when I was a kid I had basically no idea what I was doing besides button smashing, I loved it.

I still have no clue what I’m doing besides button smashing, by the way. Wanna smash buttons with me? Go to my sidebar and check out the ‘Game with Me!’ section to get my friendcode for the Switch, among other usernames for games as well!

Let’s get to it then! There will be images of the game and mild description of gameplay so if you don’t want it, don’t look. But honestly, Nintendo pretty much gave everything away.

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BLOGMAS MOVIE REVIEW: The Crimes of Grindelwald

Hello everyone and welcome back! It’s December 1st and I am going to be trying to Blog EVERY DAY up until christmas – read more about Blogmas & Vlogmas here. I know I could TECHNICALLY count the introduction post as the first day but since I forgot to do it yesterday (whoops) it went up today.

Anyway, last night I went to the movies for the first time in ages. Wowie, I know.

Two weeks late I finally saw the new Fantastic Beasts film and oh my god I have some feelings. Read below to find out what they are!

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GAME REVIEW: Pokemon Let’s Go – Eevee!

Hey everyone! This is something new for me but granted it’s all I have been playing I needed to at least write about it.

Pokemon Let’s Go: Eevee was the ENTIRE damn reason why I bought a Switch in the first place. I just got it in August early because I wanted one anyways. This game has been everything I wanted and more in a Pokemon game.

Read below to see my favorite parts about this game so far!

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Doctor Who Review: Rosa + Arachnids in the UK

Hello everyone and welcome back to another week of Doctor Who Reviews!

I’ve decided that I’m going to add a whole new category for these, calling them WhoReviews! They’ll be under reviews on the main menu so you can easily navigate them – and I’ll be adding other WhoReviews to the category as well so everything is all nice and neatly done!

I’m a bit behind on reviews and that is my fault – which is why I am combining the two episodes! There wasn’t much new in these episodes really but oh boy was it still as fantastic as the rest! Read more below and as always:


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Doctor Who Review: New titles, new TARDIS and more!

Hello everyone! My brain told me to write a post about something else like my life or something more serious than Doctor Who, but my heart told me to write about Doctor Who, so here I am writing about Doctor Who. One of these days I’ll write something personable but until then, I’m gonna scream about Doctor Who.

Rather than reviewing the episode as a whole, I’m going to just chat about the bits I liked throughout the episode and new things that appear throughout the season. Because with a new Doctor comes a change in the show, so I’m here to nitpick the new things.

And scream about how much I love the Doctor.

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Doctor Who “The Woman Who Fell to Earth” Review

Hello everyone! I want to thank all of the people who have followed me recently since switching over. It really means the world to me!

Now as promised on Twitter, here is my review of the Doctor Who premiere! As per usual, heed to my spoiler warning before moving on.

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Black Panther Review

hello everyone! i am back with a movie review for yall because i’m finally seeing movies! or at least something finally came out that i care about. last night i went and saw the revolutionary Black Panther. i say revolutionary because it simply is. i made that lil graphic for something else and it is relevant to this blog post because black panther was just amazing.

as always remember my spoiler warning and happy reading!

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Defenders Show Review

Hi everyone! I mentioned in my last post that this review was coming and well – here it is! The Defenders is a rather easy binge – episodes are less than an hour each and there’s only 8 of them total. Which was a total let down to me, by the way, but I had expected that it would be an intense 8 episodes. I was right.

Read on to see my full review of the Defenders. As always, read my spoiler warning before continuing.

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Lion Movie Review

Wow, it’s been so long since I’ve done a review that I had to go back and look at the most recent one to see my formatting. Anyways, when things get hard we look to movies and fictional things to take us away, right? Or is that just what I did this weekend?

The movie Lion was nominated for an Academy Award in 2017 and Dev Patel was nominated for the position of Best Actor (to lose to Casey Affleck. Rip off). Being a film student I knew that it was nominated for the Oscar so we watched it based on that fact. We went in not knowing what was going to happen and what the movie was even about, but we were amazed.

As always read my spoiler warning before proceeding to read my review.

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Spiderman Homecoming Movie Review

Before we get started – thank you for coming! I’ve recently moved over from WordPress to Blogger – for personal reasons and organizations sake. If you notice anything odd about the site drop a comment on any of my posts. If we are blog buddies and you don’t see my link page up yet – I’m working on getting that and a working contact page up and running very, very shortly.

One of the most anticipated movies of the summer has finally arrived: Spiderman Homecoming. People across the globe were nervous for Tom Holland’s Peter Parker solo debut – but one thing everybody also felt was excitement. Spiderman was back in the universe he belonged in at last. Tom Holland is not only the Spiderman we needed – he was the Spiderman we deserved.

As always heed my spoiler warning before continuing and read more below the cut!

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