BLOGMAS: Is Die Hard a Christmas Movie?

Well, it took me 23 years but I finally watched Die Hard last week.

Every so often my boss sends out an email with a question to everyone and we can answer it and argue over who’s right and who’s wrong. Last week’s was about if Die Hard was a Christmas Movie or not – I mentioned I had never seen it and the next day it was on my desk waiting for me to bring it home.

This raises the question – what makes Die Hard a Christmas movie?

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BLOGMAS REVIEW: Lego Harry Potter on the Switch!

Hello everyone! We have a game review coming to you! It might be a short and sweet review because the LEGO games are classics and we all know and love them.

But I’ve never played one! I have LEGO Hobbit for my Nintendo DS and I’ve played it for a little bit – but I saw that Harry Potter LEGO was coming out on the Switch and I managed to score it on Black Friday for 50% off – instead of costing $50 it cost me $25.

Yes, it was originally $50 but its for ALL 8 GAMES! I’ve only just completed the first year and i’m pretty sure I bombed it and barely scraped by, but I think you can go back to get a better rating.

Read on below to see my first impression on the game.

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Hello and we’re back with yes another WhoReview! After this there is only one more left in the series for me to review and talk about until New Years when the special premieres.

This one was intriguing because it challenged all of Team TARDIS in different ways. Not as much as the next episode, but still this episode was pretty damn good. 

Sorry this is late, I got a tad lazy with actually finishing it up. 

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THE ROAD SO FAR: Supernatural season 14 mid-season recap

Hold onto your butts everyone, because for once in my life, I’m bringing up a new fandom to review on this blog. To be fair I want to do it every episode like Doctor Who, but when I decided I wanted to do that I was already behind and the season already started. So when it comes back in January expect a weekly review for this one too. Or at least a review after I watch the episodes. 

You may not know this, but Supernatural is my show. Like, that one show that you have seen every episode of, will support until it ends, and can’t get sick of. It turns a lot of people away from wanting to get in to it because of its 14 seasons. I got lucky and got into it when there was 9 seasons finished, 10 going to premiere. 

Season 9 went on Netflix and 24 hours later I finished it and watched season 10 premiere on the CW. 

This season, there is a lot going on. Like, holy shit. If you’re actually trying to watch all 14 seasons in order without cheating, this post isn’t for you. If you’re behind a couple episodes, this post isn’t for you. So like, spoilers. 

Also, this is quite a long one. I am sorry. 

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